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S vs S Videos
Origin of Shiism
Exposing Shia's Beliefs
Shia's Imams
Sermon of the Gulf
Fallacy of Shiism
Alawi Sect
Khomeini Views
Khomeini - British Agent
Shia converts to Islam
Ahmad Al-Katib
Ali Isa Mallah
Shia Videos: Arabic
Shia view of Sunnis
Quran's Distortion
Shia & Hadith
Refutation of Shiism
Shiism & Hatred
Ghadir Khumm
Rulings on Shiites
Answering Shiism
Who Killed Al-Hussain
Women in Shiism
Shia's Rituals
Shia vs Companions
Succession of Rulership
Shia: Prophet's Wives
Shia & Monotheism
Nahj ul Balagha






Alkafi is the MOST reliable Shia Book, as the reliable Shia Scholars said and declared . Its author is Thiqat al-Islam Muhamad Ibn Yaqoob AlKileeni (a VERY reliable Shia Scholar, died in 328 H). Alkafi is a collection of Hadiths attributed to the prophet Muhamad p.b.u.h and The Infallible Imams -according to Shia- and like AhlSunnah, who give much importance to their Hadith book ( Saheeh AlBukhari ), Shia give the same or maybe even more importance to their Book ( Alkafi ) . Unlike AhlSunnah who call AlBukhari's Book as ( Saheeh AlBukhari ), Shia do not call Alkafi as ( Saheeh AlKafi ), nevertheless, Shia treat AlKafi as if it is ( Saheeh ) and their most reliable scholars declare it as a ( Saheeh ) .

* Here are some of the Shia most reliable Scholars' sayings about AlKafi :

[1] AlHur Al'amily said " The authors of the Four Books of shia ( Alkafi , AlIstibsaar , AlTahzeeb , Mun La YahDuruHu Alfaqeeh ) have testified that the Hadiths of their books are accurate (saheeh) , firm and well conducted from the roots that all shia agreed on , and if you consider those scholars ( the authors of the four books ) are reliable then you must accept their sayings and their narrations . " [ Alwasa'el , volume 20 , page 104 ]

[2] Sharaf'Deen AbdulHussain Mosawy said : " Alkafi , AlIsTibSaar , AlTahzeeb and Mun La YahduRuHu Alfaqeeh are *MutawaTirah* and agreed on the acuraty of its contents ( the Hadiths ) , and Alkafi is the oldest , greatest , best and the most accurate one of them " . [ The book of AlMuraja'aat , Muraj'ah number 110 ] ..... MutawaTirah = accurate 100% because it was narrated by many narrators .

[3] Muhammad Sadiq AlSaDr said : " Although The Shia are on the unanimity of that The four books ( Alkafi , AlIsTibSaar , AlTahzeeb and Mun La YahduRuHu Alfaqeeh ) are accepted and *all* the narrations in them are accurate ( Saheeh ), But they did not call them by the name ( Sihaah ) like AhlSunnah did ." . [ The Book of shia "Kitab alshia" page 127 ]

[4] AlTabRassy said : " Alkafi among the four shia books ( AlTahzeeb , Alkafi , AlIsTibSar , mun la YahDuruhu Alfaqeeh ) is like the sun among the stars , and who looked fairly would not need to notice the position of the men in the chain of hadiths in this Book , and if you looked fairly you would feel satisfied and sure that the hadiths are firm and accurate . " [ MusTaDrak AlWasa'el , volume 3 , page 532 ]

[5] AlKhomeini said : " Do you think it is enough for our religious life to have its laws summed up in AlKafi and then placed upon a shelf?" [ Al-Hukumah Al-Islamiyyah page 72 ]

Now, I think each and everyone of us is interested to know what this Book ( Alkafi ) contains, the book that made all those Shia Scholars praise it and recommend it, actually even blamed their followers for not applying more effort of studying and research as AlKhomeini said in his book ( Al-Hukumah Al-Islamiyyah page 72 ) !! .


EXAMPLES of the CONTENTS of AlKafi :

[1] Chapter: The Imams have knowledge of All that was given to the angels and the prophets. ( AlKafi vol.1 p.255 )

[2] Chapter: The Imams know when they will die, and they only die by their choice. ( AlKafi vol.1 p.258 )

[3] Chapter: The Imams have knowledge of the past and future; and nothing is hidden from them. ( AlKafi vol.1 p.260 )

COMMENT: No doubt that these words are clear Kufr (Disbelief) and Shirk (Polytheism), because the knowledge of the unseen is only for Allah alone .. These words with no doubt contradict what Allah said in Surah Luqmaan "Verily, Allah With Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allah is All-Knower, All-Aware (of things)" [Quran 31:34]

[4] "Obedience to `Ali is true humility and disobedience to him is disbelief in Allah" ( AlKafi vol.10 p.54 )

[5] "Whoever sets up another Imam besides `Ali and delays `Ali's caliphate is a polytheist" ( AlKafi vol.10 p.55 )

COMMENT: These words declare all AhlSunnah as kufaar (Disbelievers) and Mushrikeen (Polytheists), because we -AhlSunnah- do not believe in the Shia Imamate of `Ali ( which is believing that `Ali is Infallible,..etc ) also We -AhlSunnah- believe that Abubakr (r) is the first caliphate, Omar (r) the second and Othman (r) the third, thus, We delay `Ali's caliphate to be the 4th after Abubakr,Omar and Othman, thus, Shia declare in their most reliable book that AhlSunnah are Kufaar and Mushrikeen !!!

[6] The false verse "And We made `Ali your in-law" has been added to Surah Al-InShirah . ( AlKafi p.289 )

[7] Alkileeni reported that Jabir asked AbuJa`far p.b.u.h : "Why `Ali ibn Aby Talib was named Amir-ul-Mumineen?" AbuJa`far replied : "Allah named him so, and He revealed in His Book " And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed and made them testify as to themselves (saying): Am I not your Lord, Muhammad my messenger and `Ali Amir-ul-Mumineen ?..." ( AlKafi vol.1 p.412 )

COMMENT: We all know that "Muhammad my messenger and `Ali Amir-ul-Mumineen" is not part of the Quranic verse [Quran 7:172], but as you just read, AlKileeni narrated in his book AlKafi that the Infallible Imam -according to Shia- ( AbuJa`far ) said that the verse [Quran 7:172] was revealed by Allah with "Muhammad my messenger and `Ali Amir-ul-Mumineen", This is a serious claim by Shia that the Quran was changed and corrupted !!! This is a serious "Tahreef" of the Holy Quran ... and please continue reading :

[8] "Abu Baseer reported that he said to Imam Ja'far, "O Abu Abdullah(Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq) What is Mus-haf Fatimah?" He replied "It is a Qur'an containing three times what is found in your copy of the Qur'an; yet by Allah, it does not contain even a single letter from your Qur'an. ( AlKafi vol.1 p.457 )

After, We have read some examples of what AlKafi ( The MOST reliable Shia Book ) contains, I am sure that many of you will say to themselves "If the MOST reliable book to Shia contains such extreme kufr (Disbelief) and shirk (Polytheism) that it alone is sufficient to push anyone who believes in it into the Hellfire for eternity, Then -you may say- what about the other Shia books !!?", The other Shia books are even WORSE !!!

Take for example their Tafseer Books !!! The Books that should have put to explain Allah's words !!! The Shia Scholars filled it with filthy interpretations that may and will make you feel sick !!!

The most known Tafseer books are 1.Tafseer AlQumy 2.Tafseer Al-Ayashi 3.Tafseer AlBurhan by Albahraani ( a Well known Shia Scholar ) !!!

I will quote few things from Tafseer AlAyashi and Tafseer AlBurhan, and from the Shia Hadith encyclopedia called ( Bihaar Al-Anwaar ) which is -by Allah- a filthy and satanic work of one of the MOST reliable and respected Shia Scholars ever existed, whom they call ( Sheikh al-Islam alHujah Mula Muhamad baqir alMajlisi ) !!!! may Allah take revenge on them all ... ameen .. Now, lets start reading, and I will try not to COMMENT, I will leave YOU comment on the following quotations by YOURSELF :

* "It was narrated that [ Imam ] Abu Abdullah said : No infant is born but a certain Satan is in his presence. If Allah knew that he would be of our Shiia, He protects him from that Satan, if he wouldn't be of our Shiia, Satan sticks his finger in his anus, thus becomes a catamite, If it was [ the infant ] a female, he sticks his finger in her vagina, thus becomes a whore. Allah then afterwards clear what He desire or affirm, for with Him is the book of Knowledge."

Tafseer al-Ayyashi, p. 218

Bihaar al-Anwaar, vol.2 p. 1319

Tafseer al-Burhaan, vol. 2, p. 300

* "It was narrated that [ Imam ] Abu Abdullah said : When it is the Judgement Day, Iblis will be brought forward in 70 chains and 70 cables. The FIRST [Abu Bakr] sees ZUFAR [Omar] in 120 chains and 120 cables [double of Satan], Iblis then say : Who is that , that Allah doubled his punishment and it was I who mislead all of these people? And an answer comes, This is ZUFAR [Omar] . Iblis then asks: Why specifically this punishment? The answer comes: Because of his wrong doing to Ali peace be upon him. Satan ZUFAR [Omar] then tells Satan Iblis " It was you who ordered me to do so" Iblis then replies : Why hast thou disobeyed your Lord and Obeyed me????"

Tafseer al-Ayashi, p. 224

Tafseer al- Burhan, vol. 3, p. 310

Bihaar al-Anwaar, vol. 8, p. 220

* "Alhussain Bin Ali Bin Yakteen narrated, i asked [ Imam ] Alhassan Bin Ali about the man doing it to the woman in her anus, he said [ Imam ] Alhassan it was made lawful in a verse of the Book of Allah, when Prophet Lut said : " Here are my dughters, they are purer for you" [Quran 11:78], and he knew it was not the vagina they sought but the anus"

Tafseer al-Ayyashi, p. 157

Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 21, p. 98

Tafseer al-Burhaan, vol. 2, p. 230

COMMENT: I KNOW I have promised that I will not comment , but -by Allah- I couldnt stand it even though I have read it before, SEE how filthy those Shia are !? In this fabricated Hadith attributed to their Infallible Imam, it is clear that in Shiia's Religion, the act of sodomy is permissible according to their interpretation to the said verse and otheverses as well in this regard. What a sick mentality !!!

* "It was narrated that [ Imam ] Ja`far Ibn Muhamad p.b.u.h said : The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h used to put his face between the breasts of [ his daughter ] Fatima before going to sleep"

Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 43, p. 78

* "Ali Ibn Abi Talib said that he once slept with the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and his wife Ayesha in one bed, and under one cover, then the prophet woke up to pray, and left them together [ Ali and Ayesha ] in the same bed, under the same cover"

Bihaar al-Anwar vol. 40, p. 2

COMMENT: AstagfiruAllah !!!! EVEN Ali and Fatimah and the family of the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h whom Shia claim they love and follow, were not excluded from the Shia's filth ... -by Allah- while I am writting these fabricated narrations that Shia filled their books with, my heart is feeling sick .. "O Allah, FORGIVE Me for typing this" I only conduct What Shia Scholars put in their books TO EXPOSE them to every muslim, every true muslim TO get angry FOR the sake of Allah on this apostate group ( Shia ), please dear brothers and sisters forgive me for making you read such filth about our beloved prophet peace be upon him and his family, but, It is TIME we FACE it and take s stance against it ....

Finally, I remind all MUSLIMS with the accurate Hadith "the prophet said : May Allah curse those who insult my companions", also I remind you to be CAREFULL when dealing with Shia, don't be tricked by their "Taqiyah", They smile in our faces but their hearts burn with hatred for us. Dear muslims, our duty toward those Mushrikeen "Shia" is to fight them with ALL what We can get reach of .. We MUST Expose them, and uncover their black face, LOOK at what they fill their Tafseer !!! and Hadith !!! Books with ... May Allah GUIDE them to his pure true path -or- destroy them and take revenge on them All ..





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