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End of Israel- Arabic





 End of Israel in 2022 (1443 H)

by Bassam Jarrar

                                                                     Part 2 of Chapter 2


Numerical Values of Letters & Alphabetical Mathematics

Before Islam, the Arabs developed a system for assigning a numerical value for each Arabic letter. Other nations, such as Jews, have also developed similar systems, specifically for their alphabets. Historically, such system were used for various purposes such as dating events, etc. The numerical value sometimes is referred to as Gematical or Geometrical value. Arabs call such numerical values Jum'mal. Calculating such values can also be referred to as Alphabetical Mathematics.

The Arabic alphabet consists of 29 letters. However, in the Abecedarian alphabet, there are 28 because there is considered to be no difference between the letters Hamza and Alif. What concerns us about this Abecedarian order is the link between it and the Jum’mal numerical values of the letters. The system is common to both Hebrew and Arabic, but the Hebrew and Abecedarian Arabic systems only coincide up to the letter ت. After that, Arabic has the extra letters ث, خ, ذ, ض, ظ and غ which can be combined in the mnemonic (though meaningless) phrase thakhath dathagh.

It is not easy to trace the origin of the Abecedarian order and the calculations associated with it in Semitic languages because views on this matter have diverged to such a way that it is difficult to decide which is right. The Jewish Rabbis use it extensively. This calculation has been used for various purposes – Muslims have used it to date battles, deaths, buildings etc. as mentioned above. Sufis have overused it. Fortune-tellers, magicians and sorcerers have used it too. Thus, although the calculation may have had a religious basis, it has been abused later.

In the Jum’mal, it is noticed that there is no difference between the numerical values of the Arabic letters "Alif" and  "Hamza", because the Jum’mal numerical value is calculated based on the Abecedarian, rather than the Alphabetical, letters.

Each letter has a numerical value as shown in the table below:



        Letter in Arabic                                 Corresponds to

                                                                Latin/English letter
























































































Examples of Usage

The following  is an example of how Numerical Values of alphabets were used by the Arabs for dating events. When a poet called Dalenjawi died, his friend eulogized him in a poem. He ended the last verse by dating Dalenjawi's death with the phrase مات الشعر بعده  “Poetry died after him.”  This came after the words “I dated this…” which indicated the point at which to begin counting.  Thus, the date of Dalenjawi’s death is: 40 + 1 + 400 + 1+ 30+ 300 + 70 + 200 + 2 +  70 + 4 + 5 =1123 H.

When Sultan Barquq, a Burji Mamluk, died, a phrase was coined indicating the date of his death. This phrase was في المشمش (fil-mishmish). [It means, literally: “In the apricot (season)” which is very short, so the implication in current usage at least is of transience]. It seems that they chose a humorous phrase, but also the numerical values of the phrase are 80+10+1+30+40+300+40+300. The total is 801, and thus Sultan Barquq died in 801 H.

It is clear that this use of calculation in chronology is thus not objectionable from a religious viewpoint because it is a matter of convention and is thus permissible. However, the misuse of this system in the areas of fortune telling, magic and sorcery has created negative associations with a system that is not intrinsically negative.

Muhammad Ben Omar Nuwawi Al-Jawi, an interpreter, Sufi and Shafi’i jurist, migrated to Makka and died there in the year 1316 H. He produced many works, one of which is a two-volume interpretation of the Qur’an in which he said in the introduction: “I have titled this book to confirm to its date” – مراح لبيد الكسف معفىى قران مجيد. It is clear from these words that he chose a title to conform to the Jum’mal system to show the date he began writing his book (1304 H). I have cited this particular example to give evidence of a Muslim scholar’s attitude towards the question of the Jum’mal system and to show that nothing was found to be wrong in using such a system, even for a book on Qur’anic interpretation. We have used it for generations so why don’t we reconsider using it again since we have found it to be beneficial.

Another famous Qur’anic commentator, Baidawi, says in his interpretation of the opening of Sura Al-Baqara that the Prophet  صلى الله عليه وسلم was approached by the Jews and he recited to them the opening of Al-Baqara. They calculated the numerical values of the letters of the opening and said: “How can we enjoin a religion that will last only seventy-one years?” The Prophet (pbuh) smiled. They said: “Is there anything else?” He said: المر, الر, المص and they replied that he had confused them and they know longer knew which Faith to follow. Baidawi comments on this Hadith by saying: “His reciting to them in this order and his confirmation of their inference…” Thus, Baidawi considers that the Apostle (pbuh) confirmed their inference.

In Shihab’s commentary on Baidawi’s interpretation he says: “ This Hadith was verified by Bukhari in his history and by Ibn Jarir through Ibn Issac Al-Kalbi… Its chain of narrators is weak.” Thus we cannot rely on Baidawi’s conclusion, though on the other hand the Prophet never said anything that denied that Jum’mal had a religious basis. What matters is that there is neither evidence for denial nor confirmation. Although we must be careful not to assume that we are building on absolutely solid foundations, we find that confirmation is more likely in the light of this weak Hadith. We can prove by deduction that the Qur’an has kept some secrets in certain words and clauses and therefore, we assume that the Qur’an has used this linguistic convention of the Semitic languages. After all, the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic!

Imam As-Syuti thinks that alphabetical mathematics has no place in Sharia (Islamic law) and I agree with as-Siuti's opinion, but on the other hand there is not any evidence to reject this method of counting.  The exception to this was if magicians or fortune-tellers use it.  It was used by the Jews to interpret the symbols of their prophecies.  Here we are only exploring things without advocating that alphabetical mathematics is the core in the equations.  It is convenient for us here to present our comments to the reader from the point of view that alphabetical mathematics can be seen as a branch to enrich and dash more light on things and no more.

Since language suggests meanings there is no reason to prevent it from suggesting numerical values. The question is: How can we know that a certain phrase in the Qur’an carries such a numerical secret? Our answer to this is that this has to be proven either through Islamic legal methods or by reasoning. The reader will find that our approach to this question is new and has nothing to do with the Sufis or others, whether they did the right thing or erred and deviated. We are satisfied that the reader will be convinced by the examples of the Jum’mal system that we will give that are based only on induction and not hearsay.  

What I am presenting here is the result of an investigation, which I found to be in order with the results of chapter two of this booklet.  Without the results of this chapter, it does not mean anything to me. We should notice here that alphabetical mathematics is only a human term and it concludes that many words can have the same number.  Consequently, one word or a phrase can denote more than one identity.  So, if a word is used to date the death of a person: it can also be used to give the name of a person or a date of a battle, a solar date, or a lunar date and so forth.

The writing of the Holy Qur’an known as Othmanic script is tawqifi (meaning it is divinely ordained and was supervised by Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم  . This is the opinion of the majority of the scholars.  This can be easily proven today after discovering some of the miraculous mathematical formulae of the Holy Qur'an.

 It has become clear tome that there are secrets for this kind of script, not only on the mathematical level but also some of the secrets can be hidden in words and sentences and can be reached through calculating the numerical values of letters.  This does not mean that every word or sentence contains a secret, but we must investigate and admire the coincidence, which we find sometimes. I have many examples of this, but here I will only use the words and phrases that I have found to re-exemplify the previous equation, which is the main theme of our topic.


The following are few examples of applying Numerical Values of Arabic Letters to the Prophecies about the Jews:

1. In verse 104 of Sura Israa: وقلنا من بعدهِ لبني إسرائيلَ اسكنوا الأرض، فإذا جاءَ وعدُ الآخرةِ جئنا بكم لفيفاً

The order of the word  لفيفا  (mixed crowd)  if we start counting the words from the beginning reference to the prophecy is 1443. We also find that the numerical value of

فإذا جاءَ وعدُ الآخرةِ جئنا بكم لفيفا  is 2022. As we have come to the conclusion before, the current State of Israel is expected to end in 2022 AD (which is 1443 H in Hijri calendar)


2. The order of the word  لفيفا  (mixed crowd) as we have indicated above is 1443. This means that the order of the 4 words  that follow it وَبِالْحَقِّ أَنْزَلْنَاهُ وَبِالْحَقِّ نَزَل is: 1444, 1445, 1446, 1447. The total of these numbers is: 1444 + 1445+ 1446+ 1447 = 5782 . This is year according to the Hebrew calendar that is equal to 2022 AD and 1443 H.


3. The Sura of Al-Israa is the chapter that talks about the prophecy of the second warning as if it were the chapter of warning (or promise).  The numerical value  in alphabetical mathematics of the word  الوعدAl-wa'ad (which means Promise or Warning)  is 111 and this is the same as the number of the verses of Sura Al-Israa.


4. The day on which 76 lunar years from 10/6/1948 AD (June 10, 1948, the date of the first truce which is the effective date for establishing Israel) will be complete is 5/ 3/ 2022 AD (Saturday, March 5, 2022). The days from March 5 till the end of  year 2022 is 302 which happens to be the numerical value of the word Israel in Arabic (إسرءيل) as it appears in Othmanic script of Quran.

Furthermore, the numerical value of السبت + 5 +  آذار   (Saturday + 5 + March)  = 493 + 5 + 903 = 1401 .

The numerical value  of ألفان واثنن وعشرون (Two Thousand Twenty Two) is 1401.

So the total numerical value of  السبت + 5 + آذار + ألفان واثنن وعشرون   (Saturday, 5 March 2022) is  2802 which is also equal to the numerical value of  verse 16 of Chapter 124 that says:  إنّما جُعِلَ السّبتُ على الذين اختلفوا فيه    [The Sabbath was decreed on those who differed about it] . This is the last verse in the Quran that mentions the word Saturday (Sabbath).

Note that the number of years from Israa (621 AD) to the year of the expected end of Israel (2022 AD) is 1401


5. The numerical value of the word [ميلاديMiladi which refers to calendar years based on the birth of Jesus] is 95 .  So, the numerical value of 2022 AD (year in which Israel is expected to end) is 2022 + 95 = 2117, which contains 302 Sabbath years (we are going to explain the concept of Sabbath later). This number (302) is also the numerical value of the word [إسرءيلIsrael], as explained previously.   


6. Most scholars believe that Israa occurred on the 76th day of the lunar year that corresponds to 621 AD. The number 76 has a special significance in connection with several matters in Sura Israa.

   (a) Al-Aqsa Mosque is referred to in the Quran as: الذي بركنا حوله  [The one which we have blessed in surroundings] . The numerical value of  الذي بركنا حوله  is 1063. The number of words from the beginning of Sura Israa til the word يلبثون [They remain] in verse 76 is also 1063. This is an indication that the Israelis will remain occupying the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings for 76 years.

   (b) The numerical value of يلبثون [They remain] is 598. The order of the word   يلبثون  in Sura Israa is  1063.  So, if we add these two numbers which are connected to the word  يلبثون  , we get: 598 + 1063  = 1661 . It is interesting to note that 1661 is also the numerical value of the term " 1443 هجري " (Hijri) = 1443 + 218 = 1661. As we have indicated before, 1443 H (or 2022 AD) is the expected year for the fall of Israel.


7. The Northern Kingdom of the Israelites, called Israel, was destroyed in 722 BC. Whereas, the Southern Kingdom,  Judah remained until 586 BC. The last king of the Northern Kingdom was هوشع (Hoshea). The last king of the Southern Kingdom was صِدقِيّا  (Zedekiah). Both of them were the 19th (nineteenth) king in each of their kingdoms (since the split occurred in the Jewish Kingdom after Solomon's death). The numerical value of هوشع + صِدقيّا is 586 which is the year 586 BC in which the last Jewish Kingdom  was destroyed.

8. As we have indicated before, Sura Israa discussed the Promise of the End that will occur after the Jews go back to the Holy Land (establish the current State of Israel), but they spread corruption on Earth for the second time. The numerical value of the word الوعد (Promise) is 111 which is also the  number of verses in Sura Israa. This further confirms our view that this Sura Israa is meant to reveal the secrets about the second instance of corruption and the punishment of God against them, including the year in which this punishment will occur, ending the current State of Israel.

We, at DiscoveringIslam.org, would like to add an observation. The name of this Sura إسراء (Israa) is very close to the name اسراءيل (Israel), both in Arabic and in English. We feel this is not a coincidence.


Sabbath in Judaism

Bible's Book of Leviticus says: “The LORD said to Moses on Mount Sinai, speak to the Israelites and tell them: when you enter the land that I am giving you…For six years, you may sow your field, and for six years, prune your vineyard, gathering in your produce. But during the seventh year, the land shall have a complete rest, a Sabbath for the Lord, when you may neither sow your field, nor prune your vineyard. The aftergrowth of your … harvest, you shall not reap, nor shall you pick the grapes of your untrimmed vines in this year of Sabbath rest for the land.”

After giving these details of the law of this seventh year, it says in Chapter 26 “But if you not heed me and do not keep all these commandments, if you reject my precepts and spurn my decrees, refusing to obey all my commandments and breaking my covenant …You yourselves, I will scatter among the nations at the point of my drawn sword, leaving your countryside desolate and your cities deserted. Then, shall the land retrieve its lost Sabbaths during all the time it lies waste while you are in the land of your enemies, then shall the land have rest and make up for its Sabbaths, during all the time that it lies desolate, enjoying the rest you would not let it have on the Sabbaths when you lived there…(Bible- Leviticus  26: 14-35).

It is also mentioned that in the Second Book of Chronicles: “…Those who escaped the sword, he carried captive to Babylon, where they became his and his sons’ servants until the kingdom of the Persians came to power. All this was to fulfill the word of the LORD spoken by Jeremiah: “Until the land has retrieved its lost Sabbaths, during all the time it lies waste, it shall have rest while seventy years are fulfilled.” (Bible- Second Book of Chronicles 36: 20-21)

                     In the Jewish mind, the Sabbath year is connected with extinction, particularly with reference to the Holy Land.  I have found out that some of the Jews believe that the World will come to an end in the year (6000) Hebrew and this is because the seventh thousand means extinction.

I thought it would be appropriate to take the number (7) as a mathematical unit and connect it to the alphabetical calculation of the phrases (المسجد الحرامAl-Masjid Al-Haram. المسجد الأقصى Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. بنوا اسرءيلBanu Israel, بني اسراءيل بني اسرءيلBani Israael,  , اسرءيلIsrael, السبتas-Sabt) taking into consideration the difference in value whether written or spoken, keeping in mind that, for example,  the number of Sabbath years in 7 years  is "1" and the number of Sabbath years in 13 years is also "1" . However,  in 14 years, the number of Sabbath years is 2 (the 7th year is the first Sabbath and the 14th year is the second Sabbath).

According to alphabetical mathematics, the numerical value of the phrase بني اسراءيل  (Bani Israel - means Israelites) is 365 and this is the same as the number of the days of the solar year.  According to the Othmanic script, there is no ا" " (pronounced as "alif") Arabic letter in the middle of the Arabic word for Israel ( اسرءيل Israel), so the numerical value of  (بني اسرءيلBani Israel) becomes 364

The numerical value of the phrase    بنو اسراءيل (Banu Israel) is 361 (= 19 x 19).  If it is written in the Othmanic script, the numerical value of بنوا اسرءيل  Banu Israel  is also 361, because the [alif] which was dropped from the word (اسرءيل Israel) was added to the word [بنواbanu].

The numerical value for the word اسرءيل   (Israel) in the Othmanic script is 302.

The numerical value for the word السبت (Al-Sabt or Sabbath)  is 493.

The numerical value of the word  الإسراء  (Al-Israa) (name of Sura Israa, Quran's Chapter 17, which is about the Israelites) is 294.

The numerical value for the phrase  المسجد الحرام  (Al-Masjid Al-Haraam or Al-Haraam Mosque which is located in Mecca) is 418  (= 19 x 22).

The numerical value of المسجد الأقصا (Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa or Al-Aqsa Mosque) in Othmanic script is also 361 (= 19 x 19). We should note that المسجد الأقصا  (Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa) was mentioned only once in the Holy Qur’an  in Sura Al-Israa which is also referred to as Sura of Israelites. 


On the basis of the connection made between the Sabbath years and exodus and the extinction from the Holy Land and using alphabetical mathematics, we will use the Sabbath years as a mathematical unit.  So, in every 7 years, there is one Sabbath year. In 13 years, there is only one Sabbath year. In the fourteenth year, the second Sabbath year will occur.

As I mentioned earlier, the first extinction of the Jewish kingdoms occurred in 2 stages, the northern Kingdom (Israel) and later the southern kingdom (Judah) ended in the year 586 BC  by the invasion of Jerusalem and destruction of the temple.  In modern history, Jews captured Palestine in two stages. The first stage was in 1948 AD (when the Jews established the current state of Israel) and the second stage was the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 AD.

I have also pointed out earlier that the partial establishment of Israel was in 10/ June/ 1948, which was the date of the first truce.  The truce of 1967 was also on 10/ June/ 1967.  If we know that the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem in the year 586 BC was on 8/ August/ 586 BC,  we would realize that the date 10/June in the years 1948 AD and 1967 AD makes the calculation of the years from 586 BC – 1948 AD and from 586 BC – 1967 AD less by two months. 

So, the number of Sabbath years between 586 BC and 1948 AD is 361 (= 19 x 19) which, as we have calculated above, is equal to the numerical value of  بنوا اسرءيل  Banu Israel and of المسجد الأقصا (Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa or Al-Aqsa Mosque).

The number of Sabbath years between 586 BC and 1967 AD is 364 which is equal to the numerical value of بني اسرءيلBani Israel (Israelites).  After Israel entered Jerusalem, the Sabbath year was number 365 which represents a full cycle of the solar system. 

The Assyrians destroyed the Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC and the Babylonians destroyed the Kingdom of Judah  in 586 BC. This indicates Kingdom of Judah lasted more than Kingdom of Israel about 136 years, covering 19 Sabbath years.

The period from the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah, and the Jews leaving Jerusalem, in 586 BC to the time of returning to Jerusalem in 1967 AD was 2553 years (= 364 Sabbath years).  If we convert the number into lunar years, we will have 375 Sabbath years. So, the difference is 375 - 364 = 11 Sabbath years.  This number "11" is repeated in a striking manner as illustrated below.

The approximate difference between the solar year and the lunar year is 365 - 354 = 11 days.  On 5th of March 2022, the current Israel will have lasted 76 lunar years.  As the year 1443 H starts on 8th of August 2021, so the last 209 days of the age of Israel are the first 209 (= 19 x 11) days of Hijri year 1443 . 

Looking at this from another angle, this indicates that the year 1443 H overlaps 209 days with the year 2022 AD. In other words, the first 209 days of 2022 AD are the last 209 days of the Hijra year 1443 H.  The age of Israel is 76 lunar years, which is approximately 74 solar years, meaning 10 Sabbath years.  When the eleventh (11th) Sabbath year comes, Israel will have ended if the expectations are true.

This number reminds us of the number 76 in Sura Al-Israa and the verse 76 that talks about expulsion. Whilst verse 77 states that it was a ‘divine law’ both in the past and in the future.  I have noticed that the number of the words in verse 77 is 11.   My question is: Is there any relationship between this number 11 and the 11 Sabbath years mentioned earlier, particularly if we consider the fact that 77 is equal to 7 x 11?

Referring back to the Holy Qur’an, I found that the word سبتSabbath occurred 5 times as [السبتas-Sabt] and 2 times as [يسبتونyusbituna.سبتهم sabtihim], so the total number is 7 times.

According to the alphabetical mathematics, the numerical value of the word السبت (As-Sabt) is 493.  As we have already seen, the Sabbath year is the seventh year, which is preceded by 6 years of work. Work is supposed to be suspended during the seventh year.  So what are the 6 years? I multiplied the numerical value of [السبتas-Sabt] by 6 and this is the result: 493 x 6 = 2958 and this is the same as the number of years from the beginning of 935 BC to the end of the year 2022 AD.


Language is a human convention and the divine messages were sent to races in their various languages. I think that dating in Hebraic, Islamic or Christian chronology is a kind of linguistic convention.  So, if it is said that this year is year 1993 after the birth of Christ, it does not mean that we are certain that Christ ( peace be upon him) was born 1993 years ago.  So we agree on this term, which can be true or untrue, yet we accept it and it becomes appropriate language.

Dr Mohammad Ali Al-Bar (1990) in his book God and the Prophets in the Torah and the Old Testament says, “Dr Maurice Buccaille  supports the premise that the Pharaoh who was at time the exodus of Jews was Merenptah (the son of Rameses II) .  He became the king of Egypt in 1224 BC and ruled Egypt for ten years according to one view and for twenty years according to another, so the year of the exodus was either in 1214 BC or 1204 BC ”.

We are now (in 1993 AD - this book was written in 1993) in the Hebrew year 5735 and in light of what has been mentioned, I present you with this striking equation:

1204 BC - the year of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt   

935 BC -  the year of the death of Solomon (peace be upon him).

722 BC - the year of the destruction of the kingdom of Israel (in the North).

586 BC - the year of the destruction of the kingdom of Judah (in the South).

1948 AD - the year of establishing the current state of Israel.

1967 AD - the year in which Israel captured Jerusalem.

2022 AD - the year of the most probable end of Israel.


A-    The number of Hebrew years before the year 1204 BC (exodus from Egypt) is about 2556 years, which contains (2556 divided by 7=)  365 Sabbath years ( one orbit of the Earth around the sun takes 365 days)

B-     From the year 1204 BC to the year 935 BC, there is 38 Sabbath years (= 19 x 2).

C.     Therefore, from the beginning date of the Hebrew calendar to year of death of Solomon, there were 365 + 38 = 403 Sabbath years

D-    From the destruction of the northern kingdom in 722 BC to the destruction of the southern kingdom in 586 BC, there are 19 Sabbath years.

E-     From the destruction of the southern kingdom in 586 BC to the second establishment of the current State of Israel in 1948 AD, there are 361 Sabbath years (= 19 x 19).

F-     From destruction of the southern kingdom (and  the exodus from Jerusalem) in 586 BC to Israel's capture of Jerusalem in 1967 AD, there are 364 Sabbath years. The Sabbath year of 365 was in 1969 (Israeli Knesset voted to re-build & restore the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem on April 1, 1969) and thereby a full solar cycle was completed.  It is also the same number for the Sabbath year before the date of the exodus from Egypt.

G-     The number of Sabbath years from the death of Solomon (peace be upon him) to the anticipated extinction of the current Israel in 2022 AD is 422 Sabbath years.  The number of Sabbath years before the death of Solomon (peace be upon him) as calculated in "C" above is 403 Sabbath years, so the difference is 422 - 403 = 19 Sabbath years.

 اسرءيل  اسراءيل

Dear reader, on the basis of what I have presented to you previously, and to clarify the equation according to the units of Sabbath years:

1-      From the destruction of Judah  (and exodus from Jerusalem) in 586 BC to establishing their current state of Israel in 1948, there are 361 Sabbath years ( = 19 x 19 Sabbath years) and this the same as the numerical value for the phrases [المسجد الأقصىAl-Masjid Al-Aqsa] and [بنوا اسرءيلBanu Israel].

2-      From the destruction of Judah (and exodus from Jerusalem) in 586 BC to Israel's capture of Jerusalem in 1967, there are 364 Sabbath years, and this is the same as the numerical values for the phrase [بني اسرءيلBani Israel] according to the Othmanic script.

3-      After entering Jerusalem, the Sabbath year 365 became complete in the year 1969 AD (Israeli Knesset voted to re-build & restore the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem on April 1, 1969), and this is the numerical value of the phrase [بني اسراءيلBani Israael] as it is spoken.

4-      The date of entering Jerusalem and the completion of the Sabbath year 365 both fall within the multiplicity of 302 for the number 19 according to the Hebrew date. The number 302 is the value of the word [اسرءيلIsrael] in the Othmanic script.

5-      The numerical value of [سيع سنينsaba' sineen which means 7 years] in alphabetical mathematics is 302  which is also the same numerical value of the word [إسرءيلIsrael] in the Othmanic script.

6. The numerical value of the word [ميلاديMiladi which refers to calendar years based on the birth of Jesus, such years are referred to in English as AD] is 95 .  So, the numerical value of 2022 AD (year in which Israel is expected to end) is: 2022 + 95 = 2117, which contains 302 Sabbath years. This number (302) is also the numerical value of the word [إسرءيلIsrael], as explained previously.   

7-      I have already noticed the total of the numerical values for [Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa+ Al-Masjid Al-Haraam] = 779 ( = 19 x 41).  I have also directed your attention to the relationship between the year 779 and the two mosques of [Al-Haraam] and [Al-Aqsa].  I have also noticed also that the numerical value of [إلى ila] in alphabetical mathematics is 41.

8-      The Sabbath year is in the seventh year, so what are the 6 years that precede the Sabbath year? If we multiply the numerical value of the word [السبتas-Sabt] which is 493 by 6, the result is (493 x 6 =) 2958. This is the same as the number of years from the beginning of 935 BC to the end of the year 2022 AD.

9-      The ultimate surprise here is that the number 2958 is the total of the numerical values of the phrases and words, which we have discussed after adding the numerical value of name of Sura Al-Israa which discusses the two instances of corruption that will be committed by Israelites and God's punishment:

المسجد الحرامAl-Masjid Al-Haraam    418                         Written & Spoken. 

المسجد الأقصاAl-Masjid Al-Aqsa        361                         Written & Spoken.

بنوا اسرءيلBanu Israeel                       361                         Written & Spoken.

بني اسرءيلBani Israeel                       364                         Written.

بني اسراءيلBani Israaeel                     365                         Spoken.

اسرءيلIsraeel                                     302                          Written , it has been calculated as written & spoken in [Bani Israeel].

السبتas-Sabt                                    493                         Written & Spoken.

الإسراءAl-Israa                                   294                          Written & Spoken.

Total                                               2958


Four Cycles

There are 4 completed cycles after entering Jerusalem:

    A.   The solar cycle of the 365 Sabbath years starting from the fall of the Kingdom of Judah (and exodus from Jerusalem) in 586 BC until 1969 AD (Israeli Knesset voted to re-build & restore the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem on April 1, 1969).

    B.    The Carbon 14 cycle: Year 1969 AD coincides with the Hebrew year 5730 and what draws attention here is that this number of years represents the half-life of Carbon-14, which is used by archaeologists in determining the age of man and human civilizations. Scientists have discovered that the radioactive decay of Carbon-14 is exponential and has a half-life of 5730 years. A quantity of Carbon-14 will decay to half of its original amount (on average) after 5730 years, regardless of how big or small the original quantity was. After another 5730 years, one-quarter of the original will remain.

    C.    The 302th cycle of 19 solar years: This 302 th cycle started from 301 x 19 = 5719 Hebrew year (around 1959 AD) and ended in 302 x 19 =  5738 Hebrew year (around 1978 AD). Therefore, year 1967 (when Israel captured Eastern Jerusalem in 1967 war) and 1969 AD (Israeli Knesset voted to re-build & restore the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem on April 1, 1969) were close to the middle of  this cycle. Since the numerical value of the word  [اسرءيلIsraeel] is 302 , that means Israel captured Jerusalem during the 302 th cycle which is Israel's Cycle because the numerical value of Israel's name is 302. That means the laws of nature were in favor of Israel during that period from 1959 to1978 so wonder why Israel won 1967 war so easily and captured Jerusalem and Sinai.

[Note from DiscoveringIslam.org :

           - The 303th cycle of solar 19 years  based on Hebrew Calendar was from 1978 to 1997. The 304th cycle based on Hebrew Calendar started from 1997 and will end in 2016.

           - The 106th cycle of solar 19 years from Christ's birth started in 2005 ends in 2014.

           - The 73th cycle of solar 19 years from the Hijra (Migration of Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) in 622 AD started in 1990 and ended in 2009. The 74th cycle of 19 years from the Hijra (Migration of Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) in 622 AD started in 2009 and will end in 2028.]


D.   76 cycles, each of which is 33.6 solar years, from fall of Judah (and the exodus from Jerusalem) in 586 BC  to Israel's recapturing of Jerusalem in 1967 [(586 + 1967= 2553) divided by 33.58487 = 76.02 = 76 cycles]. The difference between the number of the days in the solar year and in the lunar year is 10.8752 days (about 11 days).  This means that the solar year and the lunar year will coincide every 33.58487 years.  So this cycle takes 33.6 solar years.  I have found that the number of years from the fall of Judah and exodus from Jerusalem  in 586 BC to re-entering Jerusalem in 1967 makes 76 cycles!! [Note from DiscoveringIslam.org : The 77th cycle of 33.6 solar years from 586 BC started in 1967 and ended in the middle of 2000. The 78th cycle of 33.6 solar years from 586 BC started in the middle of 2000 and will end in the beginning of 2034.]

We have said that there is a cycle which represents the relationship between the solar year and the lunar year with the value 33.6 solar years.  Notice that the 19th cycle of 33.6 solar years after Christ's birth started in 604 AD and ended in 638 AD. It is noticeable that the Prophet Mohammad  صلى الله عليه وسلم started receiving the revelations of the Quran 6 years after the beginning of this cycle i.e. 610 AD. He also died  6 years before the end of the cycle: i.e. in 632 AD.  It can also be noticed that the middle of this 19th cycle  was 621 AD, which is the year of Al-Israa (Prophet Mohammad's صلى الله عليه وسلم overnight journey to Jerusalem).   [Note from DiscoveringIslam.org : The 60th cycle of 33.6 solar years from Christ's birth started around early March 1981 and will end around mid October 2014.]

[Note from DiscoveringIslam.org : The 42th cycle of 33.6 solar years from the Hijra (Migration of Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) in 622 AD started around mid October 1998 and will end around the beginning of May 2032.]



We have noticed that according to alphabetical mathematics, the numerical values for: [Banu Israel], [Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa], [Al-Masjid Al-Haraam], [Bani Israel], [Bani Israeel], [Israeel] and [as-Sabt] were consistent with the mathematical equation of the history of the Israelites.  They were also consistent with the context, which we talked about in the second chapter of this book.

Those remarks confirm that we are on the right track in searching for a comprehensive law to govern history and monitor its movement.  There is no doubt that it is strange that history can follow a mathematical law, which necessitates that we should rethink the premises of history and its laws.  Is it possible that these laws are formed in the form of words and sentences, which are codes. Is it right to ignore these inductive observations?  So that some people will not think we deal with these observations on the basis of accepting the propositions of the Old Testament or assuming the truthfulness of its prophecies, and so that people will not fancy that because some of its prophecies came true, they constitute evidence for its truthfulness, and in order to keep our study from implying that some Torah laws are to be accepted and believed in as faith, we would like to stress the following:

1-      Every Messenger was sent especially to his own people, except Prophet Muhammad  صلى الله عليه وسلم  who was sent to the entire humanity.  So the Islamic Sharia abrogated all the previous laws.

2-      The last verse of the Sura Al-Baqarah says: [Pray:) Our Lord! Do not condemn us if we forget or fall into error, our Lord! Lay not on us burden like that which you laid on those before us. ] Here some of the previous laws may seem strange when compared with the tolerant Islamic Sharia.  So what is suitable to one age and to one nation may not be suitable to other nations and ages.

3-      The acceptance by Muslims of part of the Old Testament as true does not mean that it is all true because we believe that there is some truth in the Torah.  We believe that the Torah was ‘doctored’ or distorted but not completely changed.

4-      Allah almighty sent Messengers and  revealed messages and preserves the ones He wishes for a reason he knows best and some He wishes to be forgotten for His own reasons.  Look what Allah says: [The unlettered (illiterate) Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (Scriptures) in the Torah and the Gospel…] (7:157).

 5-     In principle, divine religions should agree in the belief aspect, because beliefs [come as a result of] reporting imparted information; therefore, authentic reports should not differ from one Messenger to another. As for the legislative side of divine revelations or messages, the Quran with the Sharia Law revealed to Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم was meant for the whole humanity, in contrast, the divine laws brought by previous Prophets or Messengers were meant for their specific nations only and thus may have varied according to the specific circumstances of their nations and the age in which they were.



I did not wish to indulge in these issues, but I found myself forced through an inductive process.  I believe that it is my duty to present this research to the reader to reach their own conclusions.

 I do not think that this is the end of the road; the more I look again, the more I discover new findings such as the remarks for follow up which I appended several days after I had finished writing this booklet.  So I hope that the reader will inform me of anything new in the matter or detect any mistakes that need correction.

Allah is the one who led me to success !


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