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What did Jesus really say?

A book by Dr. Mishaal Abdullah Al-Kadhi


Chapter 16: Summary

In this book we have seen the evidence for the following:

1) The very first Christians were Unitarians and not "Trinitarians."

2) The apostles had never heard of a "Trinity" and abided strictly by a continuation of the law of Moses which Jesus himself had also abided by during his lifetime and continued to do so until the crucifixion.

3) St. Paul persecuted the followers of Jesus (pbuh) and even presided over the death of some Christians such as Stephen.

4) Suddenly, St. Paul claimed that he was singled out by Jesus' ghost to receive a divine revelation which was deprived the apostles. He then considered himself more knowledgeable than the apostles and considered them to be "hypocrites" and even quite lazy misguided ones at that.

5) Even such fundamental verses as those describing Paul's "salvation" and his heavenly "vision" contain very serious discrepancies and even a sworn affidavit by Paul himself that they were a fabrication.

6) St. Paul was responsible for changing almost every single aspect of the religion of Jesus (pbuh) imaginable. He began by relaxing specific laws of the religion of Jesus but in the end discarded them all. He is the author of the majority of the books of the New Testament available today.

7) Paul's church later went on to persecute and kill any and all Christians who did not adopt their views.

8) The Trinitarian Church was a direct result of the attempt to convert the Gentiles "by all means" and which involved a gradual compromise in the founding doctrines of Jesus' message. In the end this system of compromise became so extensive that Pagan philosophy and theology began to find it's way into it's doctrines. The concept of the "Trinity" was borrowed from the pagan Romans and Greeks in order to be able to finally validate their doctrine of "Son of the Almighty." This was done roughly two hundred years after the departure of Jesus (pbuh). They then went about inserting "inspired" verses into the Bible to validate their views, such as 1 John 5:7. Christian scholars tell us that these "inspired" additions and "corrections" were continuing at least until the fifteenth century.

9) Paul's church chose four Gospels which they themselves approved of and then burned over three hundred other "unacceptable" Gospels. Some of which were written by the apostles themselves and which are recorded even to this day to have been accepted as authentic back at a time when our present Gospels were considered apocryphal. Their church also felt it necessary to destroy all Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible and suffice with Greek and Latin manuscripts.

10) God Almighty sent down the Qur'an upon Muhammad teaching him Islam and informing him that the message of Jesus (pbuh) had been tampered with and changed by mankind.

11) Unitarian Christians from North Africa and other regions who had not yet been totally eradicated by the Pauline church recognized the similarity between Islam and the religion they had received from Jesus through the apostles (and not through Paul). They became Muslims.

12) Copies of The Gospel of Barnabas began to be discovered in the Vatican and other places but had a tendency to "disappear" mysteriously. The official viewpoint of the Pauline church was that the Gospel of Barnabas was a Muslim forgery. The Gospel of Barnabas not only confirmed virtually everything the Qur'an had been saying for fourteen hundred years now, but also mentions Muhammad (pbuh) by name. It contains an eye and ear witness account of Jesus' ministry by one of the foremost apostles of Jesus (Barnabas) and not a hearsay account from a "vision" by someone who never met Jesus (Paul).

13) The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the twentieth century and countless similarities of content and doctrine were observed between them and the Qur'an. They specifically mention that there will be not one but TWO messiahs. They also confirm the fact that the first messiah (Jesus, pbuh) will not be killed on the cross but will be saved by God.

14) Today countless examples of very serious and obvious contradictions can be found between the verses of Bible. These contradictions are well known and documented and even such eminent conservative Trinitarian Christians as Tischendorf found no recourse but to acknowledge them. Only one singe ancient copy of the Bible was found to contain over 14,800 "variant readings" and even our own modern Bibles are estimated to contain around 50,000 errors and contradictions. Once again proving the affirmations of the Qur'an.

15) Even such scholars as the majority of today's Anglican Bishops now reject the divinity of Jesus (pbuh), and thus, the "Trinity," but recognize Jesus (pbuh) to be what Islam says he was: An very elect (but mortal) messenger of God.

16) The scholars of the Old Testament are now agreed that even the "five books of Moses," as we have them today, were not written by Moses but were the result of a very expert splicing of four different accounts of Moses's ministry each written by a different tribe of the Jews.

17) When faced with all of this evidence the official standpoint of most of the evangelists has now become a combination of "Blind faith" and the application of abstraction to all verses which do not sit well with them in a desperate attempt to cling on to that which their own scholars have now recognized as human tampering with the Gospel of Jesus (pbuh) and the previous prophets.

18) Even science has now come to endorse the affirmation of the Qur'an that it is from God. Many examples of scientific statements have been critically studied by unbiased non-Muslim scientists and have been shown to be completely accurate even though mankind did not discover these facts until many centuries after the death of Muhammad (pbuh). In fact, many of these matters were not proven true until this century.

"O mankind! The messenger has come unto you with the truth from your Lord. Therefore believe; [it is] better for you. But if you disbelieve, still, Lo! unto Allah belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and Allah is the All-Knowing, the Wise. O people of the scripture, do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary was only a messenger of Allah and His Word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not "three." Desist, [it is] better for you. Verily Allah is one God. Far exalted is He above having a son. His is all that is in the heavens and the Earth, and suffice in Allah as a Trustee. The Messiah will never scorn to be the slave of Allah, nor will the favored angels. Whosoever scorns His service and is proud, all such will He assemble unto Him; Then, as for those who believed and did good works, unto them will He pay their rewards in full and He will add unto them from His bounty. And as for those who were scornful and proud, them will He punish with a painful torture and they will not find for themselves any other than Allah as a friend or a supporter"

The noble Qur'an, Al-Nissa(4):170-173.

I encourage all readers to objectively think about what they have read and let their faith and mind join one-another in order to arrive at the truth of God, the truth of Islam.

For those who would like to learn more I recommend the books:

  1. The Noble Qur'an. Abdullah Yousuf Ali translation, or Marmaduke Pickthall translation, or Hilali and Khan translation. In that order of preference. The last is the most scrupulously correct, however, the first is the easiest to read.
  2. "The Gospel of Barnabas," notes by M. A. Yussuff, ISBN 0089295-133-1,
  3. "Muhammad in the Bible", by Prof. Abdul-`Ahad Dawud
  4. "Jesus a Prophet of Islam," by Muhammad `Ata ur-Rahim, ISBN 1-879402-07-6 (History of Christianity and the Gospel of Barnabas)
  5. "The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gospel of Barnabas, and the New Testament," by M.A. Yusseff (Authenticity of the Gospel of Barnabas) ISBN 0-89259-061-0
  6. "The Choice," by Ahmed Deedat.
  7. "Islam and Christianity in the modern world," by Dr. Muhammad Ansari
  8. "Muhammad in the Bible," by `Abdul-Ahad Dawud
  9. "Blood on the cross," by Ahmed Thomson, ISBN 0-907461-70-0

All Praises and glorification be to you O Allah, and all thanks. I ask Your forgiveness and I repent unto you. And peace be unto prophet Muhammad, upon his family, his Companions, and all the prophets of Allah.


Chapter 17:  Additional References

For those readers who would like to obtain additional information concerning these and other topics, I highly recommend the following books:

  1. The Qur'an, by God Almighty. The good English translations are: (1) Abdullah Yousuf Ali, (2) Marmaduke Pickthall, (3) Hilali and Khan, in that order of preference. Other translations should be avoided. The last is the most scrupulously correct, however, the first is the easiest to read.
  2. Muhammad in the Bible, by Prof. Abdul-`Ahad Dawud
  3. Jesus Prophet of Islam, by Muhammad `Ata ur-Rahim
  4. The Gospel of Barnabas, notes by M. A. Yussuff
  5. Prophet Muhammad the Last Messenger in the Bible, by Kais Al-Kalbi
  6. The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Gospel of Barnabas, and The New Testament, by M. A. Yussuff.
  7. The Choice, by Ahmed Deedat
  8. Mohammed a Prophesy Fulfilled, by H. Abdul Al-Dahir.
  9. The Bible's Testimony that Jesus is the Slave-Servant, and Messenger of Allah, by Sheikh Abdurrahman Abdul-Khaliq Al-Yousuf.
  10. Islam and Christianity in the modern world, by Dr. Muhammad Ansari
  11. Islamic Selections, by Ahmed Deedat
  12. The Bible's Last Prophet, by Faisal Siddiqui.
  13. What the Bible says about Muhammad, by Ahmed Deedat
  14. Al-Qur'an, The miracle of miracles, by Ahmed Deedat
  15. Crucifixion or cruci-fiction, by Ahmed Deedat
  16. Desert storm, Has it ended (or: Christ in Islam), By Ahmed Deedat
  17. What is his name?, by Ahmed Deedat
  18. Is the Bible God's word?, by Ahmed Deedat
  19. Muhammad the greatest, by Ahmed Deedat
  20. Muhummed, The natural successor to Christ, by Ahmed Deedat.
  21. What was the sign of Jonah?, by Ahmed Deedat
  22. Who moved the stone?, by Ahmed Deedat
  23. Resurrection or Resuscitation?, by Ahmed Deedat
  24. Muhammad in the Bible, by Jamal Badawi
  25. Muhammad's Prophethood an analytical view, by Jamal Badawi
  26. The status of Women in Islam, by Jamal Badawi
  27. Understanding the Bible -through Koranic messages, by Akbarally Meherally
  28. Muhammad the prophet of Islam, by Prof. K.S.Ramakrishna Rao
  29. Islam, Christianity and the state of Israel, by Dr. Ahmad Shafaat
  30. Jesus A prophet of Islam, by Sulaiman Shahid Mufassir
  31. The Oneness of God the ultimate solution to the Trinitarian controversy, by Marmarinta-Umar P.Mababaya
  32. The Truth about Jesus, by Dr. Maneh Hammad Al-Johani
  33. The Truth about Jesus Christ, by Muhammad Ali Alkhuli
  34. Islam and Christianity, by Dr. Muhammad Ali alkhuli
  35. Islam and Christianity, by Mrs. Ulfat Aziz-Us-Samad
  36. Let the Bible speak, By Abdul Rahman Dimashkiah
  37. It is up to you, by Dr. Ahmed Dawood Mizjaji
  38. Christianity, the original and present reality. Dr. Muhammad Abdullah As-Saheem.
  39. Christian Muslim Dialogue, by H.M. Baagil, M.D.
  40. The Bible, the Qur'an and science (book), by Dr. Maurice Bucaille.
  41. The Qur'an and modern science (booklet), by Dr. Maurice Bucaille.
  42. What is the origin of man, by Dr. Maurice Bucaille.
  43. Qur'an and modern science Correlation Studies, by Keith L.Moore, Abdul-Majeed A. Zindani, Mustafa A. Ahmed
  44. Al-Jawab al-Sahih Liman Baddala Deen Al-Maseeh (English: The Correct Answer to Those Who Changed the Religion of the Messiah), by Ibn Taymiyyah
  45. Hidayat Al-Hiara fi Ajwibat Al-Yahood wa al-Nasara (English: A Guide to the Perplexed in Answering the Jews and the Christians), by Ibn Kayyem Al-Jawziah
  46. Izhar ul-Haq (Arabic or English. English: Revelation of the Truth), by Shaik Rahmat Allah ibn Khaleel al-Rahman al-Hindi
  47. Munadharah bayn al-Islam wa al-Nasraniyya (English: A Debate Between Islam and Christianity), by "Al-Iftaa", Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  48. Tuhfat al-arib fi al-radd 'ala Ahl al-Salib (English: The Gift to the Perplexed in Answer to the People of the Cross), by Abi-Muhammad Abdullah Al-Turjuman Al-Mayorki (Anselm Turmeda).
  49. The developing Human, By Dr. Keith Moore.
  50. Blood on the cross, by Ahmed Thomson
  51. Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition: The Myth & The Reality, By Dr. Sherif Abdel Azeem, World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

Research Papers:

  1. Highlights of Human Embryology in the Koran and the Hadith, Keith L. Moore
  2. A Scientist's Interpretation of References to Embryology in the Qur'an by: Keith L. Moore, Ph.D.
  3. The Frontal Lobes and Higher Mental Functions, Keith Moore, A. Zindani, and M. Ahmad.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

"O people of the Scripture! Now has Our messenger (Muhammad) come to you, explaining to you much of that which you used to hide in the Scripture, and forgiving much. Indeed, there has come to you a light from Allah and a plain Scripture. Wherewith Allah guides him who seeks His good pleasure unto paths of peace. He brings them out of darkness by His will into light, and guides them to a straight path. They indeed have disbelieved who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. Say : Who then has the least power against Allah, if He had willed to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother and everyone on earth? And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He creates what He will. And Allah is Able to do all things. The Jews and Christians say: We are sons of Allah and His loved ones. Say; Why then does He punish you for your sins? No, you are but mortals of His creating. He forgives whom He will, and punishes whom He will. And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, and unto Him is the return (of all). O people of the Scripture! Now has Our messenger (Muhammad) come unto you to make things plain after a break in (the series of) the messengers, lest you should say: There came not unto us a messenger of cheer nor any Warner. Now has a messenger of cheer and a Warner come unto you. And Allah is Able to do all things."

The Qur'an, Al-Maidah(5):14-19

For more information on the topics discussed in this book, or to obtain additional literature you may contact the following:

Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA)

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Institute of Islamic Information and Education

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Muhammad Kashlan

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