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Jewish Messiahs
Jewish Signs
Bjerknes Views




Signs & Events leading to the Messianic Age

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this page do not represent our views. On this page, we are presenting the Jewish Apocalypse & Eschatology based on Jewish sources.

According to the following video, the Jews are expecting the Muslims to rule Europe before the coming of the Jewish Messiah


A. Prophecy of  Nachman (Chatufa) Pinchas


Nachman Pincus (also known as Chatufa) was born on a Rosh Hashanah in the 5th century, in the Hebrew year 4245 (485 AD), in Baram, a village in Gush Halav, in the Upper Galilee, Palestine. He was the son of the notable Rabbi Pincus and his wife Rachel. Instead of the cry of a newborn baby, the Nachman when he was born began immediately to utter startling secrets of the End Times.

He helped and blessed many barren couples to have children. He and his wife Rachel did not have any children. When his wife asks him to pray for a child, he would ignore her.

One day, when Rabbi Pinchas was in his bed, his wife again begged him to ask our Merciful Father for a child. As always, he ignored her but when she fainted, his heart broke. For the first time, he spoke with her and called her "my dove". She begged him to pray for a child but he told her that it's better they don't have a child because if they do, the child will cause much sorrow and will be buried at an early age. The wife insisted that she wanted a child. Her husband gave in and prayed to God). In the seventh month of her pregnancy, she gave birth to a son. As soon as the baby exited her womb, he stood on his feet and bowed down to his mother and started speaking hidden divine secrets. Rabbi Pinchas slapped his mouth and the baby became mute.

They named him Nachman and he remained mute. The wife again begged her husband to pray to God to restore the speech ability to their son. She was longed to to hear him speak again. Her husband warned her that if the child speaks, he may die shortly afterwards. The mother said I'd rather have a speaking son for a few minutes than a mute son all his life...

Rabbi Pinchas finally agreed to something about it. He called Nachman, tenderly stroked his face and kissed him. He required the child to swear not to say any divine secrets. He blessed the child and Nachman's ability to speak was restored.
He recited five rhymed prophecies in Aramaic, in alphabetical order, spoken in a coded language. When he had finished, he revealed to his parents that he would soon die. Shortly afterwards, at the age of 12, he passed away.


Nachman died and was buried in the village Baram in Galilee. His grave-site is known, and considered a holy place. He is buried under the name "Rabbi Nachman Chatufa (Khatofa)" because he was "snatched" while still a child. Today, people visit his grave-site to pray.

The five prophecies were documented and called "Nevuat HaYeled" (The Child's Prophecy).
His prophecies were first published in Nagid Umitzvah in Hebrew year 4472 (712 AD). They have been published also as additions to holy books.  Five hundred years ago, the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Avraham ben Eliezer HaLevi wrote a special commentary regarding them, and the Rabbi of "Shomer Emunim" wrote in his book that they are known to be true and the "holy of holies".

The following are some of the things the child prophesied about:

- At the end of days, Turkey will rule over Israel; (This refers to the Ottoman Empire up to 1917)
- Edom (Europe or Christians) will come and take power away from them (Turkey);
- In 1948, all nations will recognize Israel is ruled by Jews;
- A ruler in Egypt (Nasser) will rule over Arabs and will make pain for Israel. When he will die and no one will remember him;

- The Egyptians will come and wage war and in a few days they will awake a great evil that leaves people crushed and cut off, due to the sorrows. This will occur in the land of Gerar, namely the land of the Philistines. And there will be lamentations and bitter crying from the wars, the killing and the pillaging;
- An Edom nation shocks the World and instigates wars;
- People (nation) called Gadia will build a city and a tower... The falling tower of Gadia is a sign of the end of time;  (Gadia could be Aad which is mentioned in Quran, some Muslim scholars believe the U.S. is the modern Aad)
- There will be great changes in the world and great sorrows in the land of Edom on the Western side, as the sea will come in and submerge some of the lands;
- There will be two eclipses;
- Troops will go from Israel to give the vengeance of God in Edom;
- The prophecy speaks of a war that will be between Yishmaelim (Ishmaelites) and Edomim (Edomites) in the Holy Land;
- A nation will come quickly to battle another nation shocking the World and will bring judgement on Edom;
- Persia (Iran) brings hate to the World and cause much worry to the people of Edom;
- Rome (represents a wicked city) will fall into the hands of Persia (Iran);
- Those who do not have love for anyone, are happy to kill people. They will wander around the Earth looking for people to rob and harm. Everyone hates them because they are evil to the whole world;
- When the avodah zara (idol / statue) that is in Rhodes (Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient World) will be destroyed, know that the end of the wicked kingdom is near shortly;  (this verse could refer to Statue of Liberty in New York)
- Ten powerful countries will be devastated;
- Ten towers or fortresses will submerge and then we will see Eliyahu HaNavi (Prophet Elijah);
- When a king (leader) will write a letter and decree to build a bridge in Sanbara, the LIGHT has come to Zion;
- When we see that Edom governs the land of Israel , we will believe that the last steps for redemption have started;
- A spark of fire will fall from the heavens onto the nations;

AND THEN, Moshiach ben David will be revealed.


The following video is about this prophecy- why "avodah zara" is the Statue of Liberty !



B.  Ten Signs regarding the coming of Mashiach (Messiah) according to Zohar

Zohar is a Jewish religious book highly regarded by Jews, written by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was the favored student of Rabbi Akiva, the spiritual leader of the Bar Kochba Revolt against Rome in 135 CE. Rabbi Akiva was one of the four top sages who entered deeply into Pardes- the "Orchard" of Kabbalah. Rabbi Akiva passed the sacred knowledge of Kabbalah to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Rabbi Akiva was condemned by the Romans as a criminal for teaching Torah. He was flayed alive with iron combs.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, as a result of his close connection to Rabbi Akiva, was pursued relentlessly by the Roman army. To escape the certain horrific torture and death that his teacher had suffered at the hands of the Romans, Yochai and his son, Rabbi Elazar ben Shimon, hid and lived in a cave for 13 years, according to Jewish sources.

During these 13 years, Yochai and his son studied Torah, the Revealed Torah and the Hidden, or Secret Torah, the "Torat HaSod," also known as "Kabbalah. He then transcribed these teachings into book called the "Zohar" (meaning "Book of Radiance").

First Sign:
Three pillars of fire
will come down from heaven and will stand from the earth to the heaven for three days and three nights. All the nations will panic and tell Am Israel: "Make us Tzizit for us to wear!"

As it says in Zecharia 8:23
Ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, shall even take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying: We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."

HKB'H (God) will make miracles in the earth and heaven, as it says in Yoel 3;3: And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke."

Why blood before fire? Because as it was in Egypt.

Second Sign:
Three men will go out, one of them will stand over the grave and awaken the dead, the second man will light his eyes and skin, and the third man will heal the cripple with magic. 80,000 of Am Israel will erroneously follow them - and they are not from Bnei Israel (Children of Israel), they are from the Givonim and mobs that mixed in with Am Israel. HKB'H (God) will refine everyone as it says in Zecharia 13;9: and will refine them as silver is refined"

Third Sign:
HKB'H will take out three rainbows and they will stand in the heaven for three days and three nights. The rainbows will be seen from one end of the world till its end and none will not look alike. All the nations will see and feel tremendous fear and say: "HKB"H (God) is bringing the Great Flood to the world? God has promised that He will not bring the Great Flood into the world."

As it says in Isiah 54;9: " For this is as the waters of Noah unto Me; for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth."
And the same way He swore not to bring the Great Flood into the world, He swore not to rebuke, as it says Isiah 54;9: "So have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee."

Samuel 1 2:4:The bows of the mighty men are broken, and they that stumbled are girded with strength
Who will stumble? These are Am Israel, as it says in Samuel 2 22;40:"For Thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle."

Fourth Sign:
will come down from heaven for three days and three night but it isn't rainwater, it's blood. 80,000 of the men that went astray after the 3 false messengers will drink from this water and die. Every man and woman that went after them will drink and die.

Fifth Sign:
(God) will send dew from heaven for three days and three night and it will heal the blood that covered the earth and will revive the grains. All the nations will think that it's rain and not dew as it says in Hosea 14;6-8: "I will be as the dew unto Israel.... They that dwell under his shadow shall again make corn to grow"

Sixth Sign:
It will darken for three days and three night on the nations and it will be light for Am Israel, as it says in Isaiah 60;2 "For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but upon thee Hashem (God) will arise, and His glory shall be seen upon thee'"

And all the nation will feel tremendous fears and will come and bow to Israel and say, (Zecharia 8;23) "We will go with you, for we have heard that G.od is with you."

Seventh Sign:
King of Edom
will come to Jerusalem and all the Ishmaelim will run away from him and will go to Yemen. They will gather into a big army and one will emerge from them and his name is Hatar and will be crowned as the king. They will all go to Basra (or Bossrah) and the King of Edom (Europe) will hear this and will follow them and they will make a war against one another, as it says Isaiah 34;6: "for HaShem hath a sacrifice in Basra (or Bossrah), and a great slaughter in the land of Edom"

Hatar will kill many from Edom and the king of Edom will run away from him and Hatar will die. The king of Edom will return a second time to Yerushalayim and will enter the Heichal (temple) and will place the crown on his head on the fountain stone and say, "Creator of the World! I have already returned what my forefathers have taken..." In his days there will be tragedies.

Eighth Sign:
HKB'H (God) will suddenly take out Nechemia ben Chushiel, he is Moshiach ben Yosef, as it says in Malachi 3;1: "and HaShem, whom ye seek, will suddenly come to His temple".
He will make war with the king of Edom and will kill him and he will put the crown on him that the king of Edom returned to Yerushalayim and the whole World will know about Nechemia.

Ninth Sign:
A man will come out of the Romi nation and his name is Armilus, the son of Satan, the son of the idol rock in Romi that has the image of a female and the Satan sleeps with her and this man will be born from it. On the day of his birth, he will be like 100 years old. And he will make war in Alexandria and destroy the entire sea coast - woe is the person that will be caught by him!

And then he will personally come to Gaza and prepare his 'chair' there. These are his signs.. his height is 10 amot... And he will sit on his chair and he will abuse and curse and say to the nations: "I am god! Bring me my torah that I gave you!," and he will say to Am Israel, "Bring your Torah!." And they will come with Nechemia ben Chushiel and bring him the Sefer Torah and he'll say, "I don't believe in this Torah!" and they will reply, "If you don't believe in this Torah, you are no god, you are Satan." As it says in Zecharia 3:2:'HaShem will rebuke you, Satan".

At that time, he will take Am Israel, the 30 that accompanied Nechemia and will burn them together with the Torah, and he will say to Nechemia, "Till now you don't have faith in me?" and he'll reply, "I believe in nothing except the God of Israel, the God of Heaven that gave the Torah to Moshe Rabenu (zs'l) - in Him, I believe!" And he will command to kill him in the house of his gods that he placed in his palace. He will kill Nechemia in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) and will throw his carcass in Yerushalayim. And Am Israel will eulogize him, as it says in Zecharia 12;12: And the land shall mourn, every family".

And at that time, there will be many tragedies on Am Israel and they will hide in pits and some will run away to the desert and they will sit there for 40 days and eat bitter herbs and yell from pain. And at that time, Micha'el the high Heavenly Minister will stand and say, "Creator of the World! Remember the oath You swore to their forefathers. And You promised, (Yirmiyahu 50;20) " for I will pardon them whom I leave as a remnant" And HaShem (God) will listen to the prayer of Micha'el, the Minister of Am Israel.

Tenth Sign:
HKB'H will take out of prison Moshiach ben David and thru him, Am Israel will be redeemed. And Armilus, the son of Satan, will go to the Moabite desert - and he is Armilus the son of the stone. At that hour, Am Israel will yell so loud, it will reach the heavens and the Heavenly Minister Micha'el will have mercy and will stand in prayer to HKB'H (God) and say, "Creator of the World, remember the oath You swore to their forefathers and what you said to Your servant Moshe Rabenu (Mamidbar 14:20) And HaShem (God) said: 'I have pardoned according to thy word." and (Yirmiyahu 50;20) for I will pardon them whom I leave as a remnant"
And HaShem (God) will listen to the prayer of Micha'el, the Minister of Am Israel.

And, (VaYikra 20;26) And ye shall be holy unto Me' - and You separated them for Your Glory! And HKB'H (God) will listen to the prayers of Micha'el, the Heavenly Minister of Am Israel.

And more on the tenth sign. HaShem (God) will take out Menachem ben Amiel, Moshiach ben David, from prison as it says in Kohelet 4;14:' For out of prison he came forth to be king."


C.  Ten Signs & Events described in a Jewish book Abkas Rochel (as published in Synagoga Judaica)

1.      God will raise up and bring three kings, who will be false and unfaithful to their own belief, but will mislead people into thinking that they serve the true God. This is not the case, but they will mislead and misguide all men so that they will fall away from belief in him, and many sinners in Israel will fail to be redeemed, rejecting God and departing from belief in him. Of such, it will be said Is. 59.15: Truth is turned away. What is turned away? It will come to pass that all who love truth will run and flee away, and hide in holes and crevices of the earth, and the strong heroes and tyrants will follow them and kill them. Then Israel will have no king, as it is written Hos. 3.4: The Children of Israel will stay for a long time without king or prince, without offering or altar etc. There will be no Rosch jeschibja, head of the synagogue, no true pastor, who might take the people in the law of God, there shall be no more holy, famous, outstanding men. The heaven will be closed, and food and nourishment will be unobtainable. The three kings will issue many severe and tyrannical Decreta, [decrees] to the point that men would rather die than abjure God. Through God's order, these kings will reign only nine months. They will lay double tribute upon them, so that the one who gave eight henceforth had to give eighty, and the one who had given ten had to give one hundred. The one who can give nothing will have to pay with his head. They will lay even longer and heavier burdens upon the people of Israel. From the end of the world, will come men so black and frightful that the one who sees them will die of fright. Each one of them will have two heads and seven eyes filled with flames and fire. They will run as quickly and swiftly as the deer. Then, Israel will cry out: Woe, woe unto us! And their little children will be afraid and cry out: Oh, woe, oh, woe, what shall we do, dear father? Then the father will say: The redemption of Israel is now very near and at hand.

2.      God will bring a great heat of the sun into the world, with the result that many intense fevers, pestilences and other sicknesses will come about. Every day, a thousand times a thousand (one million) of the heathens and nations of the world, also the impious among Israel, will die, so that the heathens will wail and cry out bitterly and say: Alas and alack! Where can we turn to hide ourselves? And they will run away and dig their own graves and beg for death on account of the great thirst and pains, and they will hide in the holes and crevices of the earth. However, the upright and pious among Israel will find healing in this heat, as it is written Mal. 4.2: The sun of righteousness will rise over you who fear my name, with health and healing in its wings. Impious Balaam prophesied about this also Num 24.23: Oh, who shall live when God does this?

3.      God will bring a bloody dew upon the earth, which the Christians and nations of the world will regard as a delightful watery dew. They will drink from it, and all will die. Also the impious of Israel, who despised the redemption, will drink from it and die. However, it will not injure the pious and upright Jews who remained strong in the true belief in God, as it is written Dan. 12.3: The wise will shine like the stars in heaven. And the whole World will be full of blood for three days, as it is written Joel 2.30: I will give signs in the heaven and on the earth, namely, blood, fire, smoke and mist.

4.      God will again bring a healthy dew. The moderately pious ones will drink from this, who drank from the previous dew and got sick. They will recover on account of this dew as it is written Hos. 14.6: I will be to Israel like a dew, so that he shall blossom like a rose.

5.      God will turn the sun to darkness for thirty days, as it is written Joel 2.31: The sun shall be changed into darkness, and the world into blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. After thirty days, its previous light will be restored, as it is written Is. 24.22: They shall be gathered in a group to a pit and will be locked up in a dungeon, and after a long time they shall have a visitation. At this, the Christians will be sorely afraid, and be ashamed, and understand that this has happened on account of the people of Israel, and many will join the Jewish belief, as it is written Jon. 2.8: Those who regard idols and things of nothingness forsake their mercy.

6.      God will allow the impious Kingdom of Edom (by which they understand the Roman Empire) to rule over the entire world. In particular, there will be one at Rome who will have dominion over the entire world for nine months and desolate vast lands. His anger will rage against the people of Israel, and lay heavy tribute on them, and ordain for them much misery and calamities. Then, the Israelites will be greatly diminished and almost extirpated, and have no one to help. Isaiah spoke of such a time when he prophesied Is. 59.16: He sees that there is no man there, and is surprised that no one champions them. After nine months, God will send the Messiah ben Joseph, born of the children of Joseph, whose name is called Nehemiah son of Husiel, who will come with the stock of Mannaseh and Benjamin, and part of the children of Gad. As soon as the Israelites hear and comprehend this, they will gather to him from all the cities and lands, as it is written Jer. 3.14: Turn back, you backsliding children, saith the Lord, for I will make you trust in me, and will fetch you, taking one from a city, and two from a district, and I shall lead you to Zion. Then the Messiah ben Joseph will wage a bitter war against Edom (that is, against the Roman King) conquer him, and kill a great part of his people. Finally, he will strangle the King of Edom, destroy the medinas Romi ( Roman Kingdom/country), and bring back to Jerusalem certain holy vessels which are treasured up in the house of the Emperor ∆lianus. The King of Egypt will also make a pact with the Israelites, and will kill all the men who live in Jerusalem, Damascus and Ashkelon. This will resound throughout the entire world, and great fear and dread will fall on all men on account of it.

 7.  They say that there is, in Rome, a marble in the shape of a beautiful young woman, which was not made by men's hands, but through divine power. The impious evildoers of the peoples will gather at this statue, and fall in love with it, and sleep with it in an unchaste manner. Thereupon God will form and build a creature of the same stone in the shape of a child, and eventually the marble will split open and the child will emerge. This child will be called Armillus harascha, impious Armillus, this is the same as the Umos, [gentiles] or Christians, call the Anti-Christ. His height and breadth shall be twelve ells. His eyes will be deep and red. His hair will be the color of gold. The soles of his feet will be green, and he will have two heads. He will come to Rome to the impious king, and say that he is the Messiah and their god. Straightway, the Romans will believe in him, and make him king over them, and all the children of Esau (the European Christians): will love him and adhere to him. He will bring the whole world under him, and say to the children of Esau Bring here to me the law which I gave you. Then, they will bring it to him, along with their prayer-book, and he will recognize it and say that he gave it to them, and they should believe in him. Thereupon, he will send his Ambassadors to Jerusalem, to Nehemiah son of Husiel and to the entire people of Israel, and order them bring their law, and acknowledge that he is god. At this, they will be terrified and greatly amazed. Then, Nehemiah, along with thirty thousand strong warriors of the stock of Ephraim, will set out and take the book of the law with them. They will read before Armillus this statement Ex. 20.2-3: I am the Lord your God Ö you shall have no other gods before my countenance. Armillus will answer that there is no such thing in their law, but they should come and recognize that he is god, and accept him as their god, just as the Umos [gentiles] and other peoples have done. Nehemiah son of Husiel will immediately order his men to seize him and bind him. He will rise up with thirty thousand warriors, and slay twice one hundred thousand men of Armillus' people. At this, Armillus will become furious and enraged, and he will gather all his people and gather them in a deep valley, and again fight with Israel and again kill many of them.

In that very place, the good Messiah ben Joseph will die, and the holy angels will store him away, and bury him, and put him away safely with the other patriarchs of the world. However, the Israelites will be so afraid, and their heart will melt like water. But Armillus will not be aware and know that the good Messiah ben Joseph is dead, otherwise he would not leave a single man of them alive. Thereupon, all the peoples of the world will drive the Israelites out of their lands, and will not allow them to dwell with them any more, and there will be distress and pain among the Jews such as never occurred since the beginning of the world.


Then the Angel MichaŽl will come, and separate the impious among Israel, as it is written Dan. 12.1: At that time, the great prince MichaŽl who stands by your people, will rise up, and there shall be a time of trouble, as has  never been before since the beginning of this nation.


Those who remain will flee to the wilderness where God will try and refine them like gold and silver, as it is written Ezek. 20.38: And I will purge out from you the rebels. Dan. 12.10: Many shall be purified, refined and whitened. And all the remaining Israelites in the wilderness will be pure and holy. At that very time, there will remain 45 days, and they will eat only herbs, leaves and grass, and that which was said by the prophet Hosea 2.14: Behold, I will entice her, and lead her into the wilderness, and speak to her heart. From where can we ascertain that she shall wait 45 days in the wilderness? From what is written Dan. 12.11: From the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the horrible thing of the desolate area will be set up, there will be 1290 days. Happy is the one who waits and reckons 1335 days (1290 + 45 = 1335). At that very time, the impious in Israel, who are not worthy to see the redemption will die and pass away. Finally, impious Armillus will invade and subdue Egypt, as it is written Dan. 11.42: Egypt will not escape from him. From there, he will again turn toward Jerusalem, and set out to destroy that city a second time, as it is written Dan. 11.45: And he will pitch the canopy of his palace between two seas and the holy water, until there is an end of him, and none shall help him.

8.      The great angel Michael will arise, and blow thrice a great horn, as it is written Is. 27.13: At that time, they will blow a great trumpet, and those who were lost in the land of Assyria and the outcasts in the land of Egypt shall come and worship the Lord in the holy mountain in Jerusalem. Again, Zech. 9.14: The Lord will blow the trumpet, and come hither, like the storm-clouds of the south.

When he blows for the first time with a deep, steady sound, the real Messiah, son of David, and the prophet Elijah will appear and reveal themselves to the pious Israelites who escaped to the wilderness of Judah. Then, they will pluck up courage, their weak hands will be strengthened, their lame legs will gather strength. All the Jews throughout the whole world will hear the sound of the horn, and understand that God has graciously summoned them home, and the total redemption is at hand. Also those who were imprisoned in Assyria will start out. However, great fear and terror will fall upon the Christians and other peoples of the world from the blast of the horn, and great and fearful sicknesses will grasp them.

Meanwhile, the Jews will gird up their loins, and get up on their feet to travel to Jerusalem. The Messiah the son of David and Elijah the prophet along with the pious who escaped to the wilderness of Judah, and all the other Israelites who have joined him shall come to Jerusalem with great joy. As soon as the evil Armillus hears this, he will say: How long will this despicable and heedless people behave thus? And he will bring anew great troops and armies of the Christians to go to Jerusalem to attack the new king (Messiah). However, God will not bring them from one trouble into another, but will say to the Messiah Ps. 110.1: Come, sit at my right hand. And to the people of Israel Ex. 14.13: Be quiet and sit still, and see the great help which God will show you today. Then, God will drop fire and brimstone from heaven, as it is written Ezek. 38.22: And I will contend with him by pestilence and blood; and will rain down a rainstorm with great hailstones, fire, and brimstone over him and his army, and over the large number of people who are with him. Then evil Armillus and his entire army will die, and the impious Edomites (Europeans/Christians) who devasted the house of our God, and carried us off captive from our land, shall perish miserably, and the Jews will have taken their revenge against  them as it is written Obad. 18: And the house of Jacob shall be fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, but the house of Esau (Esauites, Edomites, meaning Europeans/Christians) shall be stubble, and they shall burn and consume them so that the house of Esau shall have nothing remaining.

9.      When the Archangel Michael blows a great and long blast for the second time, all the graves in Jerusalem will open, and God will revive all the dead. Also Messiah the son of David and the prophet Elijah will revive the pious Messiah ben Joseph, who was kept under the gate. Meanwhile, the entire people of Israel will dispatch the Messiah ben David, to the remaining Jews who are scattered here and there under the Christians and other peoples of the world, to bring them also to Jerusalem. Immediately all the kings of the peoples under whom the Jews lived will take them on their shoulders and their vehicles, and bring them to Jerusalem.

10. When the Angel Michael blows for the third time, God will lead out the Jews who live on the river Gosan, Lachlach and Chabor, and in the cities of Judah, and they, countless and numberless, shall come with the children of Moses into Paradise, and the Earthly Kingdom before and behind them shall be naught but fire and flame, and the Christians and other peoples shall have nothing left on which they might sustain themselves and live. When the ten tribes of Israel shall return out of the land of their captivity, then the pillar of the cloud of the divine glory and majesty shall encompass them, as it is written: {Micah 2.13.} the breaker up is to come before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it, and their king shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them. Moreover God shall open unto them fountains flowing out of the tree of life, wherewith he shall refresh them in their journey, lest at any time thirst should annoy them. For the Lord saith, {Jsa. 41.18.} I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and dry land springs of water. Again, {Jsa. 49.10.} They shall not feel hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor sun smite them, for he that hath mercy on them, shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them. {The Jews are ten-fold in comfort against the foresaid signs.} To comfort them against these ten signs foregoing the coming of the Messiah, the most of which pretend great calamity and affliction to the Jews, they have a tenfold consolation. {Consol. 1.} The first is, that the Messiah is certainly yet for to come: according to that of the Prophet, {Zach. 9.9.} rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion! Shout, Daughter Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you,  righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.




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a great book by End Times Research Center:


The End Times : Based on Numerical Analysis of

the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Words, and Historical Events


This book (which consists of more than 3000 pages) explains why the End of Time will start (and the Mahdi will emerge) most likely in year 2021, and Jesus will return most likely in 2025, in-sha-Allah (if Allah is willing).


To download the book 100% FREE of charge, visit : www.EndTimesBook.com




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