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081:000 Translations of the Qur'an, Chapter 81: AT-TAKWIR (THE OVERTHROWING). Total Verses: 29. Revealed At: MAKKA

081:000                   In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


081:001 Khan          When the sun Kuwwirat (wound round and lost its light and is overthrown ).

081:001 Maulana     When the sun is folded up,

081:001 Pickthal      When the sun is overthrown,

081:001 Rashad       When the sun is rolled.

081:001 Sarwar       (On the day) when the sun is made to cease shining,

081:001 Shakir        When the sun is covered,

081:001 Sherali       When the sun is folded up,

081:001 Yusufali     When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up;


081:002 Khan          And when the stars shall fall;

081:002 Maulana     And when the stars are dust-coloured,

081:002 Pickthal      And when the stars fall,

081:002 Rashad       The stars are crashed into each other.

081:002 Sarwar       the stars are made to fade away,

081:002 Shakir        And when the stars darken,

081:002 Sherali       And when the stars are obscured,

081:002 Yusufali     When the stars fall, losing their lustre;


081:003 Khan          And when the mountains shall made to pass away;

081:003 Maulana     And when the mountains are made to pass away,

081:003 Pickthal      And when the hills are moved,

081:003 Rashad       The mountains are wiped out.

081:003 Sarwar       the mountains are scattered about as dust,

081:003 Shakir        And when the mountains are made to pass away,

081:003 Sherali       And when the mountains are made to move,

081:003 Yusufali     When the mountains vanish (like a mirage);


081:004 Khan          And when the pregnant she-camels shall be neglected;

081:004 Maulana     And when the camels are abandoned,

081:004 Pickthal      And when the camels big with young are abandoned,

081:004 Rashad       The reproduction is halted.

081:004 Sarwar       the young barren camels are abandoned,

081:004 Shakir        And when the camels are left untended,

081:004 Sherali       And when the she-camels, ten-month pregnant are abandoned,

081:004 Yusufali     When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended;


081:005 Khan          And when the wild beasts shall be gathered together;

081:005 Maulana     And when the wild animals are gathered together,

081:005 Pickthal      And when the wild beasts are herded together,

081:005 Rashad       The beasts are summoned.

081:005 Sarwar       the wild beasts are herded together,

081:005 Shakir        And when the wild animals are made to go forth,

081:005 Sherali       And when the wild beasts are gathered together,

081:005 Yusufali     When the wild beasts are herded together (in the human habitations);


081:006 Khan          And when the seas shall become as blazing Fire or shall overflow;

081:006 Maulana     And when the cities are made to swell,

081:006 Pickthal      And when the seas rise,

081:006 Rashad       The oceans are set aflame.

081:006 Sarwar       the oceans are brought to a boil,

081:006 Shakir        And when the seas are set on fire,

081:006 Sherali       And when the rivers are drained away,

081:006 Yusufali     When the oceans boil over with a swell;


081:007 Khan          And when the souls shall be joined with their bodies;

081:007 Maulana     And when men are united,

081:007 Pickthal      And when souls are reunited,

081:007 Rashad       The souls are restored to their bodies.

081:007 Sarwar       souls are reunited with their bodies,

081:007 Shakir        And when souls are united,

081:007 Sherali       And when various people are brought together,

081:007 Yusufali     When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like);


081:008 Khan          And when the female (infant) buried alive (as the pagan Arabs used to do) shall be questioned.

081:008 Maulana     And when the one buried alive is asked

081:008 Pickthal      And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked

081:008 Rashad       The girl who was buried alive is asked:

081:008 Sarwar       questions are asked about the baby girls buried alive,.

081:008 Shakir        And when the female infant buried alive is asked

081:008 Sherali       And when the female-infant buried alive is questioned about -

081:008 Yusufali     When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned -


081:009 Khan          For what sin she was killed?

081:009 Maulana     For what sin she was killed,

081:009 Pickthal      For what sin she was slain,

081:009 Rashad       For what crime was she killed?

081:009 Sarwar       such as, "For what crime were they murdered?"

081:009 Shakir        For what sin she was killed,

081:009 Sherali       `For what crime was she killed?'

081:009 Yusufali     For what crime she was killed;


081:010 Khan          And when the written pages of deeds (good and bad) of every person shall be laid open;

081:010 Maulana     And when the books are spread,

081:010 Pickthal      And when the pages are laid open,

081:010 Rashad       The records are made known.

081:010 Sarwar       the records of deeds are made public,

081:010 Shakir        And when the books are spread,

081:010 Sherali       And when books are spread abroad,

081:010 Yusufali     When the scrolls are laid open;


081:011 Khan          And when the heaven shall be stripped off and taken away from its place;

081:011 Maulana     And when the heaven has its covering removed,

081:011 Pickthal      And when the sky is torn away,

081:011 Rashad       The heaven is removed.

081:011 Sarwar       the heavens are unveiled,

081:011 Shakir        And when the heaven has its covering removed,

081:011 Sherali       And when the heaven is laid bare,

081:011 Yusufali     When the world on High is unveiled;


081:012 Khan          And when Hell-fire shall be kindled to fierce ablaze.

081:012 Maulana     And when hell is kindled,

081:012 Pickthal      And when hell is lighted,

081:012 Rashad       Hell is ignited.

081:012 Sarwar       hell is made to blaze,

081:012 Shakir        And when the hell is kindled up,

081:012 Sherali       And when Hell-Fire is set ablaze,

081:012 Yusufali     When the Blazing Fire is kindled to fierce heat;


081:013 Khan          And when Paradise shall be brought near,

081:013 Maulana     And when the Garden is brought nigh --

081:013 Pickthal      And when the Garden is brought nigh,

081:013 Rashad       Paradise is presented.

081:013 Sarwar       and Paradise is brought near,

081:013 Shakir        And when the garden is brought nigh,

081:013 Sherali       And when Paradise is brought nigh,

081:013 Yusufali     And when the Garden is brought near;-


081:014 Khan          (Then) every person will know what he has brought (of good and evil).

081:014 Maulana     Every soul will know what it has prepared.

081:014 Pickthal      (Then) every soul will know what it hath made ready.

081:014 Rashad       Every soul will know everything it brought.

081:014 Sarwar       then every soul will discover the consequence of its deeds.

081:014 Shakir        Every soul shall (then) know what it has prepared.

081:014 Sherali       Then every soul will know what it has produced.

081:014 Yusufali     (Then) shall each soul know what it has put forward.


081:015 Khan          So verily, I swear by the planets that recede (i.e. disappear during the day and appear during the night).

081:015 Maulana     Nay, I call to witness the stars,

081:015 Pickthal      Oh, but I call to witness the planets,

081:015 Rashad       I solemnly swear by the galaxies.

081:015 Sarwar       I do not need to swear by the orbiting

081:015 Shakir        But nay! I swear by the stars,

081:015 Sherali       Nay !  I call to witness those that recede while advancing,

081:015 Yusufali     So verily I call to witness the planets - that recede,


081:016 Khan          And by the planets that move swiftly and hide themselves,

081:016 Maulana     Running their course, (and) setting,

081:016 Pickthal      The stars which rise and set,

081:016 Rashad       Precisely running in their orbits.

081:016 Sarwar       stars which are visible during the night

081:016 Shakir        That run their course (and) hide themselves,

081:016 Sherali       Rush ahead and then hide.

081:016 Yusufali     Go straight, or hide;


081:017 Khan          And by the night as it departs;

081:017 Maulana     And the night when it departs.

081:017 Pickthal      And the close of night,

081:017 Rashad       By the night as it falls.

081:017 Sarwar       and sit during the day, or by the darkening night

081:017 Shakir        And the night when it departs,

081:017 Sherali       And I call to witness the night as it draws to a close,

081:017 Yusufali     And the Night as it dissipates;


081:018 Khan          And by the dawn as it brightens;

081:018 Maulana     And the morning when it brightens,

081:018 Pickthal      And the breath of morning

081:018 Rashad       And the morn as it breathes.

081:018 Sarwar       and brightening morning,

081:018 Shakir        And the morning when it brightens,

081:018 Sherali       And the dawn as it begins to breathe,

081:018 Yusufali     And the Dawn as it breathes away the darkness;-


081:019 Khan          Verily, this is the Word (this Qur'an brought by) a most honourable messenger [Jibrael (Gabriel), from Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)].

081:019 Maulana     Surely it is the word of a bountiful Messenger,

081:019 Pickthal      That this is in truth the word of an honoured messenger,

081:019 Rashad       This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.

081:019 Sarwar       that the Quran is the word of the honorable angelic, mighty Messenger

081:019 Shakir        Most surely it is the Word of an honored messenger,

081:019 Sherali       That this is, surely, the word revealed to a noble Messenger,

081:019 Yusufali     Verily this is the word of a most honourable Messenger,


081:020 Khan          Owner of power, and high rank with (Allah) the Lord of the Throne,

081:020 Maulana     The possessor of strength, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

081:020 Pickthal      Mighty, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

081:020 Rashad       Authorized by the Possessor of the Throne, fully supported.

081:020 Sarwar       who is honored in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

081:020 Shakir        The processor of strength, having an honorable place with the Lord of the Dominion,

081:020 Sherali       Possessor of strength, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne,

081:020 Yusufali     Endued with Power, with rank before the Lord of the Throne,


081:021 Khan          Obeyed (by the angels), trustworthy there (in the heavens).

081:021 Maulana     One (to be) obeyed, and faithful.

081:021 Pickthal      (One) to be obeyed, and trustworthy;

081:021 Rashad       He shall be obeyed and trusted.

081:021 Sarwar       obeyed by (all creatures) and faithful to His trust.

081:021 Shakir        One (to be) obeyed, and faithful in trust.

081:021 Sherali       Entitled to obedience and faithful to his trust.

081:021 Yusufali     With authority there, (and) faithful to his trust.


081:022 Khan          And (O people) your companion (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) is not a madman;

081:022 Maulana     And your companion is not mad.

081:022 Pickthal      And your comrade is not mad.

081:022 Rashad       Your friend is not crazy.

081:022 Sarwar       Your companion (Muhammad) does not suffer from any mental illness

081:022 Shakir        And your companion is not gone mad.

081:022 Sherali       And your companion is not mad.

081:022 Yusufali     And (O people!) your companion is not one possessed;


081:023 Khan          And indeed he (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) saw him [Jibrael (Gabriel)] in the clear horizon (towards the east).

081:023 Maulana     And truly he saw himself on the clear horizon.

081:023 Pickthal      Surely he beheld Him on the clear horizon.

081:023 Rashad       He saw him at the high horizon.

081:023 Sarwar       He certainly saw him (Gabriel) high up on the horizon in his original form

081:023 Shakir        And of a truth he saw himself on the clear horizon.

081:023 Sherali       And he, assuredly, saw him on the clear horizon.

081:023 Yusufali     And without doubt he saw him in the clear horizon.


081:024 Khan          And he (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) withholds not a knowledge of the unseen.

081:024 Maulana     Nor is he niggardly of the unseen.

081:024 Pickthal      And he is not avid of the Unseen.

081:024 Rashad       He is not holding back any news.

081:024 Sarwar       He (Muhammad) is not accused of lying about the unseen.

081:024 Shakir        Nor of the unseen is he a tenacious concealer.

081:024 Sherali       And he is not niggardly with respect to the unseen.

081:024 Yusufali     Neither doth he withhold grudgingly a knowledge of the Unseen.


081:025 Khan          And it (the Qur'an) is not the word of the outcast Shaitan (Satan).

081:025 Maulana     Nor is it the word of an accursed devil --

081:025 Pickthal      Nor is this the utterance of a devil worthy to be stoned.

081:025 Rashad       It is not the talk of a rejected devil.

081:025 Sarwar       The Quran is not the word of condemned satan.

081:025 Shakir        Nor is it the word of the cursed Shaitan,

081:025 Sherali       Nor is this the word of Satan, the rejected.

081:025 Yusufali     Nor is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.


081:026 Khan          Then where are you going?

081:026 Maulana     Whither then are you going?

081:026 Pickthal      Whither then go ye?

081:026 Rashad       Now then, where will you go?

081:026 Sarwar       Where then will you go?.

081:026 Shakir        Whither then will you go?

081:026 Sherali       Wither, then, are you going?

081:026 Yusufali     When whither go ye?


081:027 Khan          Verily, this (the Qur'an) is no less than a Reminder to (all) the 'Alamin (mankind and jinns).

081:027 Maulana     It is naught but a Reminder for the nations,

081:027 Pickthal      This is naught else than a reminder unto creation,

081:027 Rashad       This is a message for all the people.

081:027 Sarwar       This is certainly the guidance for all (jinn and mankind).

081:027 Shakir        It is naught but a reminder for the nations,

081:027 Sherali       It is nothing but a Reminder unto all the worlds,

081:027 Yusufali     Verily this is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds:


081:028 Khan          To whomsoever among you who wills to walk straight,

081:028 Maulana     For him among you who will go straight.

081:028 Pickthal      Unto whomsoever of you willeth to walk straight.

081:028 Rashad       For those who wish to go straight.

081:028 Sarwar       So let those who want, choose the right guidance

081:028 Shakir        For him among you who pleases to go straight.

081:028 Sherali       Unto such among you as desire to go straight.

081:028 Yusufali     (With profit) to whoever among you wills to go straight:


081:029 Khan          And you will not, unless (it be) that Allah wills, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

081:029 Maulana     And you will not, except Allah please, the Lord of the worlds.

081:029 Pickthal      And ye will not, unless (it be) that Allah willeth, the Lord of Creation.

081:029 Rashad       Whatever you will is in accordance with the will of GOD, Lord of the universe.

081:029 Sarwar       However, you will not be able to choose anything unless God, Lord of the Universe wills it to be so.

081:029 Shakir        And you do not please except that Allah please, the Lord of the worlds.

081:029 Sherali       And you desire not a thing except that ALLAH, the Lord of the worlds, desire it.

081:029 Yusufali     But ye shall not will except as Allah wills,- the Cherisher of the Worlds.



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