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091:000 Translations of the Qur'an, Chapter 91: ASH-SHAMS (THE SUN). Total Verses: 15. Revealed At: MAKKA

091:000                   In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


091:001 Khan          And by the sun and its brightness;

091:001 Maulana     By the sun and his brightness!

091:001 Pickthal      By the sun and his brightness,

091:001 Rashad       By the sun and its brightness.

091:001 Sarwar       By the sun and its noon-time brightness,

091:001 Shakir        I swear by the sun and its brilliance,

091:001 Sherali       By the sun and its brightness,

091:001 Yusufali     By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour;


091:002 Khan          And by the moon as it follows it (the sun);

091:002 Maulana     And the moon when she borrows light from him!

091:002 Pickthal      And the moon when she followeth him,

091:002 Rashad       The moon that follows it.

091:002 Sarwar       by the moon when it follows the sun,

091:002 Shakir        And the moon when it follows the sun,

091:002 Sherali       And by the moon when it follows the sun,

091:002 Yusufali     By the Moon as she follows him;


091:003 Khan          And by the day as it shows up (the sun's) brightness;

091:003 Maulana     And the day when it exposes it to view!

091:003 Pickthal      And the day when it revealeth him,

091:003 Rashad       The day that reveals.

091:003 Sarwar       by the day when it brightens the earth,

091:003 Shakir        And the day when it shows it,

091:003 Sherali       And by the day when it reveals the sun's glory,

091:003 Yusufali     By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;


091:004 Khan          And by the night as it conceals it (the sun);

091:004 Maulana     And the night when it draws a veil over it!

091:004 Pickthal      And the night when it enshroudeth him,

091:004 Rashad       The night that covers.

091:004 Sarwar       by the night when it covers the earth with darkness,

091:004 Shakir        And the night when it draws a veil over it,

091:004 Sherali       And by the night when it draws a veil over the light of the sun.

091:004 Yusufali     By the Night as it conceals it;


091:005 Khan          And by the heaven and Him Who built it;

091:005 Maulana     And the heaven and its make!

091:005 Pickthal      And the heaven and Him Who built it,

091:005 Rashad       The sky and Him who built it.

091:005 Sarwar       by the heavens and that (Power) which established them,

091:005 Shakir        And the heaven and Him Who made it,

091:005 Sherali       And by the heaven and its wonderful structure.

091:005 Yusufali     By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure;


091:006 Khan          And by the earth and Him Who spread it,

091:006 Maulana     And the earth and its extension!

091:006 Pickthal      And the earth and Him Who spread it,

091:006 Rashad       The earth and Him who sustains it.

091:006 Sarwar       by the earth and that (Power) which spread it out

091:006 Shakir        And the earth and Him Who extended it,

091:006 Sherali       And by the earth and its expanse,

091:006 Yusufali     By the Earth and its (wide) expanse:


091:007 Khan          And by Nafs (Adam or a person or a soul, etc.), and Him Who perfected him in proportion;

091:007 Maulana     And the soul and its perfection! --

091:007 Pickthal      And a soul and Him Who perfected it

091:007 Rashad       The soul and Him who created it.

091:007 Sarwar       and by the soul and that (Power) which designed it

091:007 Shakir        And the soul and Him Who made it perfect,

091:007 Sherali       And by the soul and its perfection -

091:007 Yusufali     By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it;


091:008 Khan          Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him;

091:008 Maulana     So He reveals to it its way of evil and its way of good;

091:008 Pickthal      And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it.

091:008 Rashad       Then showed it what is evil and what is good.

091:008 Sarwar       and inspired it with knowledge of evil and piety,.

091:008 Shakir        Then He inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it;

091:008 Sherali       And HE revealed to it the ways of evil and the ways of righteousness -

091:008 Yusufali     And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;-


091:009 Khan          Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself (i.e. obeys and performs all that Allah ordered, by following the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds).

091:009 Maulana     He is indeed successful who causes it to grow,

091:009 Pickthal      He is indeed successful who causeth it to grow,

091:009 Rashad       Successful is one who redeems it.

091:009 Sarwar       those who purify their souls will certainly have everlasting happiness

091:009 Shakir        He will indeed be successful who purifies it,

091:009 Sherali       He, indeed, prospers who purifies it,

091:009 Yusufali     Truly he succeeds that purifies it,


091:010 Khan          And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself (i.e. disobeys what Allah has ordered by rejecting the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism or by following polytheism, etc. or by doing every kind of evil wicked deeds).

091:010 Maulana     And he indeed fails who buries it.

091:010 Pickthal      And he is indeed a failure who stunteth it.

091:010 Rashad       Failing is one who neglects it.

091:010 Sarwar       and those who corrupt their souls will certainly be deprived (of happiness).

091:010 Shakir        And he will indeed fail who corrupts it.

091:010 Sherali       And he is ruined who corrupts it.

091:010 Yusufali     And he fails that corrupts it!


091:011 Khan          Thamud (people) denied (their Prophet) through their transgression (by rejecting the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism, and by following polytheism, and by committing every kind of sin).

091:011 Maulana     Thamud rejected (the truth) in their inordinacy,

091:011 Pickthal      (The tribe of) Thamud denied (the truth) in their rebellious pride,

091:011 Rashad       Thamoud's disbelief caused them to transgress.

091:011 Sarwar       The people of Thamud rejected (the truth) as a result of their rebelliousness

091:011 Shakir        Samood gave the lie (to the truth) in their inordinacy,

091:011 Sherali       The tribe of Thamud rejected the Divine Messenger because of their rebelliousness,

091:011 Yusufali     The Thamud (people) rejected (their prophet) through their inordinate wrong-doing,


091:012 Khan          When the most wicked man among them went forth (to kill the she-camel).

091:012 Maulana     When the basest of them broke forth with mischief --

091:012 Pickthal      When the basest of them broke forth

091:012 Rashad       They followed the worst among them.

091:012 Sarwar       when the most corrupt of them incited them (to commit evil).

091:012 Shakir        When the most unfortunate of them broke forth with

091:012 Sherali       When the most wretched among them got up.

091:012 Yusufali     Behold, the most wicked man among them was deputed (for impiety).


091:013 Khan          But the Messenger of Allah [Salih (Saleh)] said to them: "Be cautious! Fear the evil end. That is the she-camel of Allah! (Do not harm it) and bar it not from having its drink!"

091:013 Maulana     So Allah’s messenger said to them: (Leave alone) Allah’s she-camel, and (give) her (to) drink.

091:013 Pickthal      And the messenger of Allah said: It is the she-camel of Allah, so let her drink!

091:013 Rashad       GOD's messenger said to them, "This is GOD's camel; let her drink."

091:013 Sarwar       The Messenger of God told them, "This is a she-camel, belonging to God. Do not deprive her of her share of water".

091:013 Shakir        So Allah's messenger said to them (Leave alone) Allah's she-camel, and (give) her (to) drink.

091:013 Sherali       Then the Messenger of ALLAH said, `Leave alone the she-camel of ALLAH and obstruct not her drink.'

091:013 Yusufali     But the Messenger of Allah said to them: "It is a She-camel of Allah! And (bar her not from) having her drink!”


091:014 Khan          Then they denied him and they killed it. So their Lord destroyed them because of their sin, and made them equal in destruction (i.e. all grades of people, rich and poor, strong and weak, etc.)!

091:014 Maulana     But they called him a liar and slaughtered her. So their Lord destroyed them for their sin and levelled them (with the ground);

091:014 Pickthal      But they denied him, and they hamstrung her, so Allah doomed them for their sin and rased (their dwellings).

091:014 Rashad       They disbelieved him and slaughtered her. Their Lord then requited them for their sin and annihilated them.

091:014 Sarwar       However, they rejected him and slew her. So their Lord completely destroyed them and their city for their sins.

091:014 Shakir        But they called him a liar and slaughtered her, therefore their Lord crushed them for their sin and levelled them (with the ground).

091:014 Sherali       But they called him a liar and hamstrung her, so their Lord destroyed them completely because of their sin, and made destruction overtake all of them alike.

091:014 Yusufali     Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her. So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, high and low)!


091:015 Khan          And He (Allah) feared not the consequences thereof.

091:015 Maulana     And He fears not its consequence.

091:015 Pickthal      He dreadeth not the sequel (of events).

091:015 Rashad       Yet, those who came after them remain heedless.

091:015 Sarwar       God is not afraid of the result of what He had decreed.

091:015 Shakir        And He fears not its consequence.

091:015 Sherali       And HE cared not for the consequences thereof.

091:015 Yusufali     And for Him is no fear of its consequences.




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