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S vs S Videos
Origin of Shiism
Exposing Shia's Beliefs
Shia's Imams
Sermon of the Gulf
Fallacy of Shiism
Alawi Sect
Khomeini Views
Khomeini - British Agent
Shia converts to Islam
Ahmad Al-Katib
Ali Isa Mallah
Shia Videos: Arabic
Shia view of Sunnis
Quran's Distortion
Shia & Hadith
Refutation of Shiism
Shiism & Hatred
Ghadir Khumm
Rulings on Shiites
Answering Shiism
Who Killed Al-Hussain
Women in Shiism
Shia's Rituals
Shia vs Companions
Succession of Rulership
Shia: Prophet's Wives
Shia & Monotheism
Nahj ul Balagha





Shia Sheikh declares that a Shia man who is an oppressor & not religious is much better than a religious & righteous Sunni man


Shia Sheikh Abdul-Hameed Al-Muhajir says that Imam Ali recited a Sura from Quran immediately after he was born, before Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.s)


Shocking Shia Beliefs 1 of 2


Saudi Shia Imam, Hussein Al-Fhaid, bestowing divine & God's attributes to Imam Ali (Arabic video)


Kuwaiti Shia Imam cursing Abu Bakr, Omar, Aisha, Hafsa, during a prayer in a Shia Mosque (Arabic video)

This is an excellent opportunity to see how Shia pray. They have a "Maestro" who doesn't participate in the prayer


Shia Imams say:  (1) Shia's Imam Al-Mahdi will raise Abu Bakr & Omar, then crucify them in Medina

(Arabic Video)  (2) Aisha committed adultery

                        (3) Mecca's Kabba/Haram is less noble & honorable than Karbala & Najaf

                        (4) Prophet Mohammad was at fault because he didn't designate a successor.

                        (5) The number one enemy of the Shia is Omar (followed by Abu Bakr, and then Satan)


Shia Imams act as Mafia Bosses/Chiefs, issuing orders/edicts to kill Wahabbi Muslims (Arabic video)


A Message from a Sunni Shaikh to the Shia (Arabic Videos)


Iranian Shia Imam Qazweeni admits that many Iranian Shia theology students who visited Saudi Arabia have become influenced by Sunni schools of thought (This video is in Persian, with Arabic translation)


Who is responsible for the murder of Imam Hussein ? (Discussing in Arabic from an Arab TV channel)




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